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AM I taking enough ballet?


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I'm trying to figure out my schedule for this fall, and I was wondering if I need to switch/combine studios. At my current studio, I would have three 90-minute technique classes per week (four if I were to get into the pre-pro company), two 30-minute pointe (I'm just starting pointe this year), 1 hour modern, 45 min. conditioning, and 1 hour of broadway (maybe- not sure if I want to take it). Should I consider switching/combining studios? I am 13 and really want to be a professional dancer.

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Just thought I would post my FINAL and absolutely correct schedule for this year (didn't really get a straight answer last time because of some other comments). :)



Tech- 1.5 hrs

Variations- 1 hr



Tech- 1.5 hrs

Pointe- 1 hr

Rep- 1 hr



Tech (on pointe)- 1.5 hrs

Pas- 1 hr



Floor Barre- .75 hrs

Tech- 1.5 hrs

Pointe- 1 hr



Pilates Mat Class- .75 hr

Tech- 1.5 hr

Character- 1 hr

Jazz- 1 hr

Modern- 1 hr


I also do dance at school- 1.5 hours on Tuesday and Thursday, and 45 minutes on Friday. Usually, we do jazz or modern, but occasionally ballet, yoga, floor barre, hip hop, etc. :P


Thank you!!

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It would be best if you got about 2 more full pointe-only classes directly after your technique classes, but the rest of it sounds good. Definitely take Sundays off!

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Thank you! Forgot to mention that I am 14 (been dancing for 3 years) and attend a well known pre-pro school, if that is helpful :)

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After reading this thread I am a bit alarmed... I always thought I was not taking enough hours but I never thought I was so bad....

I am 17 and I would like to go to a full-time school next year, when I finish high school.


My schedule is:

Monday- Last year I used to have a technique class, but this year my teacher can't provide it for me.

Tuesday- 1,5h technique class

Wednesday- 1,5h technique class; 1h pointe, 1h contemporary

Thursday- 1,5h technique class; 1h variations

Friday- 1,5h technique class, 1h contemporary


I should explain that I live in a really small town. No boys in my dance school, and no other dance school nearby offers pas de deux. I disliked hearing that this year I would have only technique 4x/week, but my teacher said I was already getting 8h of ballet and shouldn't complain.... My technique class includes pointe in place of grand allegro on some days.


Does someone have any thoughts?

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While it's not ideal, Gisela, it sounds like there is not much you can do about it unless there are other schools to investigate. Pas de deux should not be a primary concern at this point. You will get that in a full time school. Just more tech and pointe right now would be good.

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There are really no other classical schools in my area to investigate. I am already going to a second studio for contemporary, and it takes me 1,5h to get there with public transportation, so my schedule is tight. I was considering asking my teacher to take a lower level technique class at Saturdays, perhaps I could do it on pointe to make it more of a challenge, do you think it is a good idea? Thank you so much for your time :)

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A lower level class could be very good for you. It adds a class, and with it being a slower class, a chance to really work on improving everything. :)

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Right now I am fully aware that my schedule for ballet is not where it needs to be. I recently just switched to homeschooling to take away the 4+ hours of homework every night that caused me to have to occasionally skip dance classes, and also to be able to take privates during school hours.


I am currently trying to convince my parents to travel 1 1/2 to 2 hours to take me to another school where the schedule would look somewhat like this:



1.5 hr technique

1hr variations



1.5hr technique

1hr pointe

1hr private @ current school



(at my current dance school, since no classes are offered at the new one)

1hr technique

1hr pointe



1.5hr technique

1hr pointe



1.5hr technique

1hr pas de deux



1.5hr technique



Is this enough or should I look for another new school? There are several options in the opposite direction, however my mom doesn't drive in the city.

Thanks for any help! (btw, I couldn't find a forum with schools in Delaware. Is there one?)

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I am 13 years old. Right now, my schedule looks like:


Monday: 1.5 hr tech + 45 mins pointe

Tuesday: 1.5 hr tech + 1.5 hr tech + 1 hour Pilates

Wednesday: 1.5 hr tech + 1 hr pointe

Thursday: 1.5 hr tech

Friday: 1.5 hr tech + 1 hr tech + 30 mins pointe

Saturday: 1.5 hr tech


I think I have enough tech classes (?), but I am worried about pointe. I know some schools want girls age 14 and above do auditions on pointe. While audition doesn't mean everything, it sort of gives me a feeling that the real ballet world expects us to do (or at least have tried to do) many steps on pointe at age 14. My Monday pointe class is very, very simple - almost everything at the barre, and we only do slow pique turns from the corner. Wednesday pointe class is tricky because we have to take it with higher level. The class becomes 25 or even 30 people plus. The teacher has to give different combinations, and hardly have time to correct or help us. Friday pointe class is even easier than my Monday one. We don't leave the barre at all. I haven't mastered pique turn yet, so I know even at this level, there are many things that I have to work on; however, I also know that there is a huge gap between my level and the level above us in my school. Some girls in the upper level are also 13 years old, so how can I close this gap with the amount of pointe work that I have right now?


My school is a fairly good one. Teachers are very professional (by their resume and how they teach), and they are approachable, but I am not sure if I should be concerned about my pointe work, or I should be just patient.


Thank you!

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It sounds good, carlyeeeeee. And I think your's is good too, e_bunny. :)

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Hello here is my new schedule. I'm 15 and all the classes marked with * are the ones at my level which I'm the only one in and these classes are entirely on pointe but when I take the other classes they are on flat except if they are a rehearsal or when that level does its normal Pointe work.


Monday- 2-3:30*


Tuesday -2-3:30*

Technique 4:30-6

Pointe /rehearsal 6-7:30




Friday- 1-2*

4-6:30 Technique/Pointe

6:30-7:30 contemporary


Saturday- 9-10:30 technique

10:30-12 Technique/rehearsal


Sometimes I take the lower level classes on Pointe it just depends on my energy levels as one on one classes are very tiring/intense! This is also my last year in this school as my teacher has taken me as far as she can so she is helping me to audition for full time schools to start hopefully at one in 2016.

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I also have the option of adding in a 2 hour technique class at a different studio into my above timetable from 10 till 12 Monday to Friday but I'm concerned that then I'll have to many repetitions of everything eg two or three barres, two or three sets of centre work- Adage, pirouettes , petit allegro, grande allegro ect. Is this a valid concern or am I over thinking things?


Thank you :)

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You are not over thinking. No one needs 3 technique classes in one day. Two is quite enough, and most advanced students who are still in school can only take one, hopefully followed by a pointe class .

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