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AM I taking enough ballet?


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I think it has to be okay, as there is not much left of this school year. However, I would like to see you in a pre professional school with classes at your level 5-6 days a week by the fall. If she has taken you as far as she can, then it's time to move on as soon as possible. It is lovely that she has given you all of those privates, but that is not the best for you now.

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Yes that would be ideal but our school year runs from February to December with January being our summer holidays :( So the plan was to audition for about 5 schools with 4 of them being overseas in September/October to hopefully start beginning of 2016. If I was accepted into one of those schools I would be in what we call full time training where you would be required to be there from 9am to 6pm six days a week and study a much wider range such as syllabus and open ballet classes, stretch/conditioning, contemporary, character, repertoire and pas de deux with also academic classes on stuff like anatomy, dance history, nutrition ect.


I guess what I am feeling is that when you are the only one at your level there is pluses and minuses. On the plus side I'm getting lots and lots of individual attention and am feeling that I am improving and progressing but it is lonely not having classmates as well as having the momentum/energy of others around you striving for the same goal. My teacher is brilliant but unfortunately is limited by a number of factors in what she can offer me at this stage in her life.


I think for this year if I make the most of what I can do and work extremely hard and attend as many outside masterclasses as possible then we are hoping that that will be enough to be at a high enough standard to be accepted...... Thank you very very much for your help, its much appreciated :)

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I understand, Monbro. And I wish you the very best with your auditions in the fall. Please keep us posted! :)

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I have very exciting news!!!! I was offered a private audition for a very good pre pro school and from that I was offered a placed starting immediately which I accepted on the spot :) My new schedule is very busy but I'm loving it even though I'm waking up with very sore muscles each morning:(


Monday- Syllabus class 2-3:30

Pilates 6-7pm


Tuesday- 9:30 to 11:30 technique class

11:45 to 1 Pointe class

1 to 2 variations


Wednesday- 9:30 to 10:30 Body conditioning

10:30 to 12 technique class

12 to 1:30 contemporary

2 to 3:15 Pas de Deux

3:15 to 4:15 variations/rehearsal



Yoga 9:30 to 10:30

Pilates 10:30 to 11:30

Technique 12 to 2

Pointe and variations 2 to 3:30



9:30 to 10:30 Body conditioning

10:30 to 12 technique class

12 to 1:30 Pointe class

2 to 3:30 variations

5 to 6 acting


Saturday 10 to 11:30 technique class

11:30 to 1 rehearsal

Private Pilates session 4-5

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Lolollady, please post your question in the Parents forum. Thank you for realizing you were in YD, but I still had to remove it.

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I recently changed up my schedule: will be 16 this year and am planning to audition this coming January! How does this look?



Ballet Technique 1.5 h

Contemporary 1.5 h



Ballet Technique 1.5 h



Contemporary 1.5h

Ballet Technique 1h

Pointe 1h



Ballet Technique 1h

Pointe 1h



Ballet Technique 1.5h

Pointe 0.5h



Ballet Technique 2.5h

Pointe 1.5h

Ballet Technique 1.5h

Pointe 1h



Warm-up 0.5h

Pointe 1h


Do you think it's actually too much or too little? I've been feeling rather tired lately, possibly because I handle this on top of regular school which is probably about 6 hours Monday to Friday? And am I on the right track? Thank you!

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Nataliedancer, it's too much. We do not recommend 7 days a week! The body needs a day to rest and recover. And Saturday is too much. The first 4 hours would be quite enough. If you had rehearsals after that, okay, but not another 2.5 hours of tech and pointe following 4 hours of tech and pointe. Too much.

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Do you think I'm taking enough ballet? I will be dancing Monday through Thursday. 4 ballet classes total of 6 hours (grade 6 and I.F.) and an hour of jazz. I am not yet on pointe. Plus Nutcracker rehearsals.

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Balletlover19, how old are you? How long have you been studying? Are all of your ballet classes syllabus classes? What syllabus are studying?


(Please remember to use upper case letters for things like days of the week and names of ballets, etc. I edited your post for you. :) )


***Topic not yet open for discussion until my questions are answered and have a response from me or another Teacher Moderator.

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I have been seriously dancing for two years but this year will be my fifth year of dancing. They are all Royal Academy of Dance sylabus classes. The classes are grade 6 and intermediate foundation. I'm taking two classes form each of these levels which is all that my studio offers for these levels. I'm 21.

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Okay, then you actually need to be posting in the Adult Ballet Students forum, Balletlover19!


As for taking enough ballet, please tell us what your goals are.


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