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AM I taking enough ballet?


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am i taking aenough classes? im 15 and i have ballet an hour and 45 min. each time i go to dancing. We go on MONDAYS WEDNESDAYS THURSDAYS FRIDAYS SATURDAYS. And i also take jazz and modern on some of those days. Im not sure if i want to be a professional dancer yet but i know for sure that i want to be the best dancer i can be.

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The amount of classes i do a week has changed..so hear i go


4:00-4:30 Teacher Assit

4:30-5:00 Comp

6:00-7:00 Grade 7

7:00-8:30 Pre Elem


5:30-6:30 Teacher Assit



12:45-3:30 Tech class (different studio)


12:45-2:15 Pre Elem


I think I have missed the boat for going Pro, but I enjoy ballet and I want to be a teacher.

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wow you guys are so lucky and someone said there is a freshman who's fifteen? how can that be right? i'm fifteen but i'm a junior

anyway i do eight hours a week and try to squeeze in open classes whenever i can. i have realised that a career in ballet, despite being my biggest dream, will never be an option for me. i'm so jealous of all of you who get to do fifteen plus hours a week!

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I think the school system is a bit different in the US. Most freshmen are 14-15, sophmores 15-16, juniors 16-17, and seniors 17-18, all depending on when your birthday falls.

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ok. i know what you're talking about is how many hours a week, and i think this is relevant.


i'm 14 and am presently taking 2 grades Intermediate and grade 6. And i'm also taking this master class by an.. erm outside instructor. altogether i'm clocking about 14 hrs max of ballet a week.


just wondering, i'm aiming for professional career is that enough?

also the master class caters for a wide variety of students including those that are a higher grade than i, do you think that it is ok for me to join?

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I think that should be fine, eryn. And at an Intermediate level, I think you are probably going to be all right with the master class.

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A thought occurs to me:  Does your school offer an Intermediate Foundation class?  Or even Intermediate?  (the former is non-essential in the RAD curriculum)  If so, are they on different days from your grade 5 classes?  They would help you get the stamina you need to go on to a vocational track, which you'll have to do anyway, because there is no grade 6 for boys!


I finally got around to asking my teacher and there isn't an Intermediate/Foundation class. She also said that there is a new grade 6 & 7 for boys, probably came after you posted...

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OK, the new 6&7 for boys has just hit here in the US, and so new that there are no videos of the materials available yet.


My point remains the same, however. You really ought to be taking more classes, of whatever sort, in order to build strength and stamina.

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I don't know how to advise you, then, if you have intentions of becoming a professional dancer. Or, DO you have aspirations in that direction? Perhaps I'm making an assumption which is unwarranted. Higher Grades are still "recreational track" and are very good, but not aimed toward producing a professional dancer, but one who can enjoy a high level of achievement for his/her own enjoyment.

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Wow! How do you possibly take 17 hours of ballet? I take ballet classes for 1-2 hours 5-6 days a week and thats only about 9 hours!


Maybe I'm worng, but don't you think that dancers who take less classes who get accepted into some of the top dance programs/companies are taking enough?

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Well, if you have technique class for an hour and a half 6 days a week, that would be 9 hours. Add pointe classes for about 5 hours a week, a pas de deux class 1 hour, modern or jazz 1 hour, and then 6 to 7 hours of rehearsal, and voila, you have 22-23 hours. Not impossible. This is what our Release Time dancers, (the top two levels) do at WSB. These dancers range in age from 14-19, although there are currently two rather exceptional 13 year olds in the program.


*Note: Not all WSB students of this age group are in the RT program. This program is by invitation or audition only. There are many teenage students in the 4, 5 and 6 levels of the school. Release Time would be equivalent to level 7 and 8.

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Hello, pinkpointes101, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


Yes, it should be fine, as long as it's ballet class, perhaps mixed with pointe. Rehearsal hours don't really count.

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