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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Depending on distribution, that should be all right.


And welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :yes:

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I'm 15 and I take one two hour class and one 1 hour and 45 min. class. INCLUDING pointe... would it be possible to be a professional ballerina if I work really hard? I practice stengthening almost every day.



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Hello L'Allegro, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


I'm afraid that no matter how hard you work, two days a week is not going to do it. At 15, you need to be at a very high intermediate or advanced level, dancing at least 5, preferably 6, days a week, for at least two and a half hours each day. We don't even put anyone on pointe who is not taking at least 3 technique classes a week. Sorry :(

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I didn't really get my original question answered, so let me try it again.


Most girls at my studio are very good dancers and have been accepted into top summer intensives and dance programs...does this mean that we are taking enough classes?


My typical schedule is:


Assistant teach 3 hours

1 hour pointe



1 1/2 hour pointe



1 hr modern

2 hr ballet



1 hr tap



1 hr private lesson- ballet



2 hours ballet

2 hours rehersal

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That might be a matter of what levels they are accepted to in those programs. Most programs accept dancers who show good potential, or the right facility for ballet, but sometimes they are not in the top levels if they do not have enough training. Your schedule does not look strong enough to me. It's really a rather minimum amount of ballet, and way under minimum for a pre-professional level.

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i take:

monday: modern 1.5 hrs and rehearsal 1.5 hrs

tuesday: ballet 1.5 hrs and pointe 1.5 hrs

wednesday: ballet 1.5 hrs and pointe .5 hrs

thursday: ballet 1.5 hrs and partnering 1 hr

friday: rehearsal 4 hrs

saturday: teacher assisting .75 hrs

ballet 1.5 hrs and pointe .5 hrs

rehearsal 3 hrs

im 14 years old (and too lazy to add up the totals :clapping: )

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Everyone is putting their ballet schedules here so I guess I will too. :thumbsup:


Monday: 1.5 hours ballet

.5 hours pointe

Tuesday: 1.5 hours ballet

.5 hours pointe

Wednesday: 1.5 hours ballet

.5 hours pointe

Thursday: 1.5 hours ballet

.5 hours pointe

1 hour variations on pointe

Friday: 2 hours pointe

Saturday: 1.5 hours pointe

2 hours performing group on pointe



TOTAL=14.5 hours :offtopic:

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That looks about right, assuming that there is a barre at the Friday and Saturday pointe classes.

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Well, welcome, ddancer, but what precisely did you mean to say? :yes:


You can fix that by adding your own remarks by using the edit button. You have to scroll down just a tad more to reply to a post without quoting it.

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I'm not sure yet if I want to be a professional dancer but I for sure really want to be the best that I can. :green: Here is my schedule.


Monday: 1 hour ballet 1/2 hour pointe


Tuesday: 1 1/2 hours pointe, 1 hour rehearsal


Wednesday: 1 1/2 hours ballet, 1 1/2 hours jazz


Thursday: 1 1/2 hours ballet


Saturday: 1 1/2 hours ballet, 1 hour hip-hop


So thats...11 hours of dance. Is it enough? Thanks :thumbsup:

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That's pretty good, if you're not sure whether you want to make the commitment to a professional career schedule.

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My schedule is:


Sunday: 1 hour warm-up & 3 hours rehearsal (usually a combination of pointe and flat)


Monday: Physical Therapy & Pilates - 2 hours


Tuesday: 1 1/2 hours ballet & 1 hour variations


Wednesday- 1 1/2 hours ballet, 1 hour pointe, 1 hour rehearsal on pointe


Thursday- 1 1/2 hours modern, 1 1/2 hours ballet, & 1 hour pointe


Friday- 1 1/2 hours character & 2 hours rehearsal on pointe


Saturday- 1 1/2 hours ballet, 1 hour pointe, & 4 hours rehearsal (mostly on pointe)


Total: 24 hours not including Physical Therapy and Pilates


Is that enough to dance professionally?

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