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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Although they are movement, rehearsals really don't count as classtime. I'd add a ballet technique class sometime before character on Friday.

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Guess I'll post my schedule, too! :)


Monday: Ballet - 1:00

Pointe- 45:00

Modern- 2:00

Jazz- 1:00


Tuesday: Ballet- 2:00

Assistant teaching- 2:00


Wednesday: Ballet- 1:30

Pointe- 1:00

Stretch & Strength- 45:00


Thursday: Jazz- 2:00

Lyrical- 1:30

Ballet- 1:00


Saturday: Ballet- 3:30

Jazz- 2:00

Pointe- 1:00

Modern- 1:00

Tap- 1:00


Sunday: Rehearsals

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Saturday looks a bit overloaded to me. And I don't understand the one hour ballet on Monday and Thursday. Ballet technique classes should be an hour and a half. It's really not possible to do a full class at an upper level in less time than that. Pointe can be done in an hour, and should follow a technique class. Is there a proper warm up before rehearsals on Sunday? Looks to me like too many hours in things other than ballet.

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Just a bit of clarification on the one hour classes- they really are two hours long but on the Monday I have to come late because my school is half an hour away and the bus doesn't arrive until midway through the class and on Thursday I have to leave an hour early because my mom is a single mom and it's the only time she can pick me up.


We do have proper warmups on Sundays, usually we have an hour long stretch class before we get into rehearsals. Saturdays are long, but we always have a two hour break halfway through the day for lunch and are home before dinner so it has never seemed really bad.


Although my school is mainly focussed on ballet (when we get our Jazz comments back from our jazz exams almost every girl is told to not make everything so turned out and balletic), modern and jazz are pretty strong too, and we do take exams in both so we have preparation classes to allow for that.


Just asking for a personal opinion here, do you think that the schedule is bad enough that I should consider switching schools? I'm not so much looking to be a professional ballerina as a dance teacher but am still hoping to get into Quinte for this summer. Our school has always received very good marks on Cecchetti exams so I guess I assumed that I was in the clear. :yes:

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I dance ballet tues, thurs, fri, sat equallying up to 8 hrs and I am 15. Is that enough hours?

here is my schedule:


mon- tap 8-9pm

tues- ballet 7:30-9pm


thurs-pointe 7:30-9pm

fri-ballet 5:30-7pm pointe 7-8pm

sat-ballet 10-11:30am variations 11:30-12:30

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Cecchettiballetgirl, the problem may be more yours than the schools, at least in terms of the Mon. and Thurs. Missing half of each of those classes is definitley NOT a good thing, especially when you miss the first half. That means no barre work, no proper warm up for the center and for pointe. :yes:


Duhitsballet, you are asking is it enough...enough for what? If you are talking about a professional career, and you are 15, no, that is not enough. You need an hour and a half of technique and an hour of pointe at least 5 days a week, and preferably 6.

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Sorry, last question Miss Leigh! :thumbsup:


Would you suggest it is better to just skip the classes I miss the first half of then? There isn't any way I can possible get out of school an hour early so I can't think of how to work around that. I do use the first twenty minutes to warm up and then join in for the last forty but I can see how that might not be benefitial. I want to get as many classes in as I can, but I don't want to harm myself. Is it terrible to miss the second half of the classes, too? I always get in the barre but have to leave after a few center exercises and I just assumed that it was better to get in a barre than nothing at all. Again with that, unless I suggest my mom switch jobs, there isn't much I can do. :yes:

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No, as long as you are warming up properly before joining in the class, then it's better than nothing. And the same with the first half, better than nothing. But, it's not sufficient. You are going to have to make some big changes in your academic schedule, or a different school, or something by next year. You are simply not getting enough training if you want to be a dancer.

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Thank you again, Miss Leigh! I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my many questions. :yes:


With regards to future training, I have an audition at Quinte on February 26th for the summer program which is like a 4 week long audition for the year long program. My fingers are crossed that I'll get in and I hope I have a fairly good chance because last year seven of our dancers went to Quinte but if not there is a performing arts High School about an hour away from my house that I was accepted into that I will be attending instead. Right now I am going to a very academic private school because my parents are very academic minded but are finally willing to let me really branch out and try new things. :flowers:


Again, thank you so much for your time!

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I take 11 plus hours of ballet a week, do think that is enough for a 14 year old hoping to be a professional dancer?

I take 6 two hour classes a week, and I am 14 (that is pretty mush the average for our school) So it maybe that you will need to take more as your training increases, but for now I wouln't worry. :shrug:

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Hey, why not??....



Mon: Ballet 1.5


Assistant teaching 1


Tues: Assistant teaching 1


Wed. Ballet 1.5

Pointe(variations) 1

tap 1


Thurs. Ballet 1.5

Pointe .5

Jazz 1.5

Acro 1.5


Fri. Ballet 1.5

Pointe .5

Assistant teaching 1


Sat. Ballet 1.5

Pointe 1

Rehearsal (depends)


...I'm 13 and looking to go pro, is this good enough? Also my studio doesn't offer modern-is this a problem??

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It sounds okay for the moment, VBT, but the ballet and pointe time will need to increase a bit in the next couple of years. Some of the other classes could go, and the assistant teaching, while good, might need to go also, depending on your schedule. A lack of modern right now is not a problem.

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Thank you Ms. Leigh!! I actually am going to start taking some optionals, which may also add on to ballet. And I was also thinking about dropping the acro and assistant teaching. Thanks!

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Just an update! :D


After reading Ms. Leigh's advice, I talked with my ballet teacher and we figured out a few classes to schedule in. I'll now be taking an extra hour and a half of technique on Wednesdays (starting tonight!), a technique class one level below me on Fridays (but at least it is practice, and I will really be able to concentrate on the little things like turnout, weight placement etc), a technique class a level above me on Mondays (going to be challenging, but I'm up for it) and an extra hour and a half pointe class after the Monday technique class. All in all, it should be about six hours a week of extra training.


The best part is, because I'm already a teaching assistant at the school, she isn't making me pay any extra. I'm just going to keep on helping out with classes to pay for them. :(


A big thank you to Ms. Leigh, because without your help I wouldn't have re-examined my schedule. My mom worked out a schedule with my brother, who can drive, so that I'll be able to stay for full classes on the days I was leaving and coming early as well. Thank you! :D

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Congratulations, cecchettigirl! I think you have worked out a far better plan :(

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