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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Hey everyone,

well, everyone else was posting their schedules so I thought I'd post mine too! :o I would love any feedback on whether or not I am doing enough to become a professional ballet dancer. I am 14, by the way.


Tuesdays- 2 hour technique class on pointe, and then a 1.5 hour technique class on flat

Wednesdays- 2 hour modern dance class (these run in 10 week sessions), and then a 1.5 hour technique class on flat

Thursdays- 1.5 hour technique class on pointe (It's actually a two hour class but I have to leave early before it ends)

Fridays- 2 hour technique class on pointe

Saturday- 1.5 hour technique class on flat followed by a .5 hour pointe class

Sunday- 1.5 hour technique class on flat

Right now I also have rehearsal on Sundays for approx. two hours, and in a few weeks I will start doing a 1 hour long private class, probably on Fridays. I'm also looking into doing a pilates or gyrotonics class weekly; I also stretch every night, although I know that doesn't really count :P

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It sounds like enough classes, but I would be concerned a bit about the classes on pointe before the classes not on pointe. That is just sort of backwards. It is best to do a technique class in soft shoes before a pointe class, IMO of course. I do not believe in doing all classes on pointe, as I don't think one learns to fully articulate and use their feet as well.

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Thanks for the advice! My teacher is really into Balanchine technique, so that's why I do so many classes on pointe...nearly all of them are just regular technique classes with our pointe shoes on; so it's basically like doing two technique classes, on with my pointe shoes on and without them on....hmmm, maybe I need to do some re-thinking about this.... :o

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Yes, it is the practice in the Balanchine style to work in pointe shoes for all classes. There are varyious theories about this, but if that is the way the school does it, then that is the way you have to do it. :o I don't have as much problem with it for the MOST advanced students, like perhaps one year away from company ready, but I really don't like it for all students.

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Yea, well everyone else is posting theirs, and I'm not quite sure how I fall in line with everyone else at my leval so here goes: (I'm 14)



Tuesday-1.5 ballet

0.30 point


.30 point

Thursday-2.0 ballet






0.30 point

Sunday-none or rehersal

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Oh my goodness!! after looking at everyone else's schedule, my schedule seems horrible!!


Monday: 1.5 hours ballet tech.

Tuesday: nothing :)

wednesday: 1.5 hours pointe

thursday: nothing :unsure:

Friday: 1 hour ballet tech. (Which, I might add, has a horrible teacher and I basically learn nothing in that class) + 1 hour modern

saturday+sunday: nothing :crying:


i'm stuck with it for the rest of the year, too, there's nothing i can do. :D

hopefully i'll find *somewhere* to go next year. i might go to someplace in boston, but it's all up to my mom. :dry:


anyway, ya'all are so lucky. :) keep on dancing!!

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Thanks, My main concern is the amount of point that I am getting. On average, I have a 2 hour class or 2 hr. 15min. class, but the last half hour is point. Unless a teacher decides to do otherwise for a day or so, we really have no classes on point. Just a 30 segment of point class (does that make sense?) I'm wondering if I should be doing more at my leval. Any feedback would really be appreaciated. :shrug:

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That's usually the way pointe gets introduced in the first year of pointework. Dedicated classes in the skill should start after the students are strong enough on pointe to take the additional workload.

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Thanks, but unfourtunatly this is the middle of my third year on point. (I started just before I turned 12) I'm not behind in terms of things to do on point, we cover a lot for what my leval is, but we do so little at a time, that I wonder if it is adding up to anything of value. I go to Princeton Ballet, but recently when I went to summer auditions I saw that most people had more total hours of point/week than me.


~worried :ermm:

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This is my schedule:


Mon- 1.5 ballet(barre or center on pointe)and 1.5 jazz


Tues-1.0 modern and 1.5 ballet and rehearsal


Wed- 1.0 tap and 1.0 modern and 1.5 ballet(barre or center on pointe)


Thur- 45 min. pilates and 1.5 ballet and rehearsal


Fri- 1.5 ballet at one studio and 1.5 ballet at another and variations(not sure how long)


Sat- 1.5 ballet and rehearsal


I'm 14 in 6 days and I'm in the second to highest level at my studio. On wednesday the ballet class is the third highest level. On friday the first class is an adult/homeschool class and I come out sweating, :sweating: the second is in the highest level and variations is on pointe. All rehearsals are on pointe. We have scheduled pointe classes but the teachers do rehearsal then instead. I want to become professional. :) Am I doing enough??? :shrug:

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It looks like you have a lot of hours, assuming that the rehearsals are all in addition to the 1.5 hour classes, however, I would always prefer to see dedicated pointe classes a bit more often.

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Yes, all of those rehearsals are in addition to the 1 and a half hour classes. Would it be alright if I did a pointe barre at my house? I want more pointe training but I don't know how to get it. I don't have any spare time during the day when I could take a lower level pointe class but I don't want to be doing bad training at home. What should I do? :shrug:

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That would depend on what kind of floor you have to work on at home, and of course your own ability to know how to work by yourself and not develop bad habits. :shrug:

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