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AM I taking enough ballet?


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Gosh...I just turned 13 and am taking the maximum amount of dance classes for my level at my studio. they don't offer any more hours than I'm already taking unless you take private lessons. here's my schedule:


Mon: 1.5 hours ballet technique, 1.5 hours jazz

Tues: 1.5 hours ballet technique, 1 hour pointe

Wed: 1 hour modern, 1 hour character, 1 hour private lessons (not every week)

Thurs: 1.5 hour ballet, 1 hour pointe

Saturday: 1.5 hour ballet (then rehearsals on pointe until usually like 5:00)

Sunday: Nutcracker season is rehearsals for ballet and pointe


So not adding in rehearsals, I take 12 1/2 hours of dance a week. I only take nine hours of ballet a week including the private lesson. is that enough at my age if I want to become a professional?

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Victoria Leigh

It's okay for this year, but I would hope that by next fall you would move into at least 5 days a week of ballet technique, and pointe a minimum of 3 days, preferably 4 or 5 days. Six days a week of technique would be fine too. :cool2:

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Victoria Leigh

Kelsey, I think you will get a pretty good sense of this if you read back through this topic! :) By 15, if you are on track for a classical ballet career, you would have daily technique classes of at least one and a half hours, pointe class at least an hour (some days might be pas de deux or variations), and then rehearsal hours which are totally separate. You would be dancing 6 days a week with ballet classes, and you might also be taking a jazz or modern class, or some Pilates classes. No, stage time does not count.

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Hi I'm 13 and i'm taking an hour and a half technique class 6 days a week and an hour point or variations 4 days a week! for a total of is that enough?

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That should be fine. As long as you have one day a week where you can regenerate, you're on track.

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Hello. I just want to make sure I'm on track for a pre professional 15 year old. I dance 15 hours and 15 minutes each week minimum, because sometimes I take other lower level ballet classes.

Every day is technique and pointe, and Saturday Pas.


It's all ballet.

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Guest illini_chic110

Hi. I'm another person who wants to see if they're on the right track. I just turned 14. I dance six days a week (Monday-Saturday) and sometimes on Sunday if there's a company class before rehearsal. I take ballet, pointe, modern, and pilates. My technique classes are 1.5 hours, pointe is 1 hour, modern is 1.5 hours and pilates is 1 hour. I take 9 technique classes, Four pointe classes, 2 pilates, and one modern a week. Am I doing ok?

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That's good. Watch the seven-day schedule; you can do that for a few weeks at a time, but then things start to break down from fatigue.

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I'm 14, and I take 5-6 classes a week, 1 hr 45 min each. If I want to become a professional, should I increase the amount? This is the maximum that my studio offers for my level, and as much as I love my studio, I sometimes worry that it might be too small and not quite as focused on professional ballet. Many people in my class would never DREAM of going pro, so the school doesn't focus on that.


But is at least 9 hrs and 45 min of ballet a week acceptable?

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Guest illini_chic110

Thank you Mr. Johnson. My mom was saying something about how everyone needs a little down time...and I guess that's true. But is it [dancing seven days a week] ok during like Nutcracker season, and Spring Showcase? I perform a lot throughout the year but usually rehearsal is just after my three classes on saturday. Since Nutcracker and Spring Showcase are the biggest of the year, and company plays a huge role in it that's why Sunday is devoted to us! Sorry for rambling, but basically is it ok if you do it for like two months then stop for a while? Thanks.

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ok so here's my scheduel...


Mon. Technique 1.5

Modern 1.0


Tues. Technique 1.5

Pointe 1.0


Wed. Technique on Pointe 1.5

Mat/Pilates 0.45


Thurs. none


Fri. Technique 1.5


Sat. Technique 1.5

Pointe 1.0


so that's about 12 hrs....3 and a half on pointe. i'm 14 and go to a professional ballet school. the level i'll be in next year has classes 6 days a week with alot more pointe.

is this enough? other 14 year olds seem to be getting 15+ :D

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