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AM I taking enough ballet?


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As you're taking Sunday off (good!) I'd find a class or two on Thursday if I were you. But what you have there is not bad by a long shot.


As you're taking Sunday off (good!) I'd find a class or two on Thursday if I were you. But what you have there is not bad by a long shot.


And Illini, yes, two months at a time won't hurt you, as long as they aren't back to back!

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ok i'll see what i can do about thursdays. if i can't get another class in there would it be a good idea to cross-train at the gym instead for an hour or so?

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Maybe, maybe not. It depends on what you cross-train to! Does the gym have Pilates apparatus? That would be helpful.

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they do have pilates classes there at certain times. i could do one of those. when i had an injury last year i asked my physical therapist about cross-training at the gym and she recommened doing bike. is that bad for your knees?

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Ok, my first question didn't really get answered the first time, so I'll ask it again.


Monday: 1hr 45 min. technique class

Tuesday: 1hr 45 min. technique/pointe class (technique class with pointe shoes)

Wednesday: 1hr 45 min. technique class

Thursday: 1hr 45 min. pointe class

Friday: 1hr 45 min. technique class

Saturday: 1hr 45 min. technique class


I'm 14 years old and although I'm not necesarily looking to become a professional (although it's something that I'm thinking about) I'd still like to get the highest quality training available. Will my schedule cut it for me? I'm doing some balance and strength training for 45 min. about 4 times a week as well.

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Ok, thank you, I was also wondering if you have heard of North Carolina Dance Theatre, do you think it has a good academy? I am considering moving to that studio for High School.



i'm going to be going there next year as well:)


so i'm assuming you're in eighth grade also?


what level do you believe you would be in?

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Mrs. Leigh-

would you consider hour and a half ballet class with artists in resident/professionals at my studio (in the morning) as technique classes - even if the teacher is not focused on me, but mainly giving corrections to the professionals (which I will listen to and apply as well)?

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A technique class is a technique class, but, I hope you also have a class later in the day with your own level? And a pointe class?

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I'm 14 and I'm taking 9 hours a week, four days a week. I only have pointe for 2 hours a week. Is this enough? my dream is to be a professional. But at the moment at my pre pro school I'm taking all that is offered. I'm hoping we will have more next year.

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Yes, that schedule needs to increase quite a bit. That is not enough.

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I would take ballet technique in the morning when I do not have ballet and pointe in the evening. I think ballet and pointe will be 3/4 times a week.


Also, do you think taking two days a week off ballet (sunday and monday) is okay?

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It's OK, in the sense of not bad, not good, just OK. You're quickly reaching the stage where you should be dancing six days a week. Seven is actually right out. You need at least one day for regeneration. You can do it for brief sprints, but not a steady regimen.

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