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best stretches?


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hi there!! I was just wondering what you all think are the best stretches you can do at home to improve? See, here's my dilemma: My big thing that I do is musical theater, and my weakest link is dance. So this year I started taking dance classes but had to quit because of my gradesin school :wink: . I'm 15, and this was the first year I had been doing dance classes seriuosly. But now I don't do any dance! I probably won't start again when school is over...this summer. Soooo obviuosly I can't just sit around and do nothing from now until July! So which stretches/excercises do you think will help me improve that I can do at home? I hope this made sense :P thanks!

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Hi, tickled pink, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :P


Unfortunately for you, your best course of action is to improve your grades and return to class. There is no sort of "pre-ballet" we can give online, and we really don't discuss other forms of dance, except as an adjunct to ballet study. :wink:

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However, you could maintain much better physical fitness, and perhaps readiness for classes by taking some Pilates classes. Once you have taken the classes and learn how to do all the exercises, you can do them at home. We don't like to recommend stretches for people who do not have a lot of training, as we feel that the stretches need to be learned in classes.

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