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How interesting re: Boston Ballet. My dd auditioned there in 2003 - made it to the final 3 girls and was then told she was too tall - she is 5' 5 1/2". Last year - she auditioned there again and was given an offer - so you never know from year to year what they are looking for.


She ended up accepting an offer from a different company where she is quite average in height. There are many taller than her and quite a few shorter with about 3 girls who are just around 5' 1" to 5' 2".

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knock, knock.


It seems like their was another post about short dancers recently? Am I making that up? I have no idea where it was though. :yucky:


I would like to add that Alabama Ballet likes shorter dancers; 5'6" is their maximum height. Joffrey Ballet & Sarasota Ballet used to post height requirements of women approx 5'1"-5'6" I think if I recall correctly but they don't anymore. Richmond Ballet has a minimum of 5'3" for women, which isn't that tall either. Boston used to be one of the shortest companies in America, not anymore though!


As the others have said, her height can still change and company's height preferences change over time as well. Best of luck to you. :yucky:

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