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Pre-Professional Schools in IL!!!

Guest DancerGirl07

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Illinois is kind of a large piece of real estate! Did you have any particular location in mind, like Chicago, Champaign-Urbana, Cairo, Springfield, Peoria...?

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Guest *my toes skim the stage*

From what a lot of people say the top three in Illinois in no particular order are-


Academy of Dance Arts

Peoria Ballet

Ballet school of Chicago


I've seen ADA dancers before and while they're really flexible and naturally good they aren't as artistically developed as Peoria and their choreography (from what I've seen at YAGP) isn't all that great.

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Guest dancinabbs

All those schools that have been mentioned are really pretty far from Southern Illinois. All of them are from the Chicago-land area, and Chicago is in North-East Illinois, a bit far commute....lol. But you might want to try Googling exactly where you live to find a dance studio.

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I was flipping through the ballet/ballet school section of Dance Magazine for Illinois and I ran across a place called Academy of Dance Arts. I went to their website and the caliber of training looks impressive. I am confused; however, about the "Illinois Ballet Theatre" section. I cannot figure out if this is the school's pre-professional company or is it a professional company within itself (some parts of the website talk about "apprentices, etc" to the Illinios Ballet Theatre)?

Can anyone shed some light?

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I took a class at this school last week, and Cabriole is right-on! :pinch: The schools in this area have really grown over the past ten years, lots of huge studio space.

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I'm 13 and willing to become a professional dancer. Is there any pre-professional schools :blushing: that will help me perfect my technique and facial expression.

I live in the Northwest Suburbs!





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shimmershoes, can you tell us please what is the nearest city? Are you in the suburbs of Chicago?

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