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site with clips of ballet steps?

Guest frokenvin

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Guest frokenvin

Hi all,


Tonight I went in to my first Adult Ballet class... and WOAH -- I was perplexed! The studio is great overall -- instructor was very nice and might have tryed to take it slow for me as I clearly had no idea what was going on -I believe it was advanced... I was honestly a bit surprised at the level that was being taught.- ... thing is -- I asked after class if there was any way for me to start out in a lower level to build up to what they are doing in class (or at least learn the steps!) and he said I can continue coming to this class and give it time (of course! but what about learning the steps *properly*?)... But how much time would it take for me to get so frustrated with the speed they are going?! I mean, I really don't want to pay too much to watch half the time or just flutter around like an idiot. Certainly I should calm down and see how things roll but I do think I need a little outside help.


Do any of you know of a website with clips of ballet steps... or, a site with information on steps/technique? Advice would be greatly appreciated as well : ) The studio teaches Vaganova.


Thank you!


edit: just read the "improve your ballet" sticky... this helps... I will keep it in mind : ) as for the clips... if anyone has a link to post/pm that'd be lovely!

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Congrats on your first class! I can't remember my first class but I know that I begged my parents for classes for 3 years before they gave in; I was 6 years old when I started taking ballet. I am now 24 so its been awhile!


Aspen Sante Fe Ballet has an interactive dancer gallery. Click Interactive dancer gallery or click company info, then interactive dancers and a window will pop up w/ the interactive dancers.


I believe that these are not Vaganova terminology or exact use of the head for Vaganova, but they will give you a general idea. I looked at the tendu section, and didn't look at the rest.

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Your teacher is right...it will come. Just keep at it. Sometimes steps look impossible but with enough time and practice you can master them. Ballet class is intimidating at first but in less than a year from now you will be doing the double frappes at lightning speed along with everyone else. :)

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I know how frustrating going back to ballet can be... I myself just went back to taking classes last spring after a break of over 10 years. I was totally lost at first but very soon I realized that my body knew what to do but just forgot and I just needed to wrok harder and harder to bring it back into shape and be consistent. I did take classes of different levels because the more you do it the better. My teacher encouraged me to take a class that was a level higher than mine because she felt I needed the challenge and that being in a higher level class would motivate me and boost my spirit and make me want it even more because it sort of shows you what you can be and how well you can dance! So, maybe taking both a higher level class and a lower level class would be a solution?!


As far as outside help goes, check out the interactive CD/DVD Ballet is Fun at http://www.balletisfun.com/bif-cd.htm. You can preview dance steps on the site and/or buy a CD if you are interested.


ABT dictionary is very helpful and probably the best free option you will find!


Don't stress over little stuff! Enjoy the ballet and dance your heart out!

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