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Ballet Schools in Hawaii - Honolulu


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I will spend some time in Honolulu, Hawaii (30. December - 15. January). Can anyone recommend some dance classes, especially ballet but I wouldn't mind taking some Hawaiian dance classes as well :ermm:

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You can always try Hawaii State Ballet on Kapiolani Blvd. They have open class schedules that you can find on their web site. A little expensive though: $18.00. Check it out at www.hawaiistateballet.com


Have a great time and don't forget your sunscreen! Shaka Brah!

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There's also Ballet Hawaii in the old Dole Cannery (downtown "business district" Honolulu as opposed to Hawaii State Ballet which is closer to Waikiki - it's near Ala Moana Center). They are at www.ballethawaii.org. I know they have drop in classes too because I emailed them before I went to visit my family on vacation there last August. Didn't take any classes because I broke my foot the second day I was there! :)


I've taken a few classes at Hawaii State Ballet a few years ago and they were pretty good. I haven't tried Ballet Hawaii but they tend to have the "bigger" Nutcracker and have Amanda Schull (originally from Hawaii) and Joan Boada from San Francisco Ballet as their guests (at least for the Maui show).


Dance Scholar London - please PM me (I'm official now!) if you have any more questions.

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