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To lift or not to lift


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I hope my poor english will enable me to make myself understood in my question.


I am presently rehearsing a pas de deux from Bayadère first act, this with a new partner who is at her first experience in pas de deux. This is in the setup of a repertoire class and not a pas de deux class (we are looking forward to present the variation in the comming XMas recital).


Now, there is a lift in this variation where the girl makes a long run facing the guy before giving herself into the lift which ends up in a horizontal position with the guy's arms completly extended over his head. Actually, he holds her with one hand on her thigh and one hand on her hips.


My partner fears this lift and I suppose I would also if I were in her place; consequently, she does'nt give herself completly into it with the end result that the lift ends up at shoulder hight rather than with full extension of the arms. At some occasions, I succeeded in lifting her at mid height but, being unable to lock my elbows under her, she comes down to my shoulder.


I wonder how do partners train to get the necessary confidence to complete such a lift? At some moment, we will have to do it for a first time, like in a bungy jump. Should I ask a few guys to stand around to catch her if something goes wrong? Are there other ways to train for this. What I know for sure is that I don't have the necessary strenght to complete the lift without her throwing herself completly into it.



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You've hit on just the way to try a tricky lift for the first time. Have guys around to "spot" you. If she goes, then somebody catches her. There are a lot of lifts which NOBODY can do if the girl isn't totally with the program!

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One problem solved: now I know the correct thing to do. My next problem will be to find guys to spot ourselves: there are'nt to many around. But this is another catle of fish right. Tank you Mel.

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Thanks Davidg.


Can you tell me more about the very first time you do the running lift. Do you have guys around spoting you. How are things happening. What is the reaction of your partner.



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Guest jdavidb

keep track of the better parts of the mess-ups because that's where you find the smoothest ways to cover it up if it does not turn out so perfect on stage. Keep on working on it because you'll at least be developing ways to do something similar without it looking bad.

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That's right! Practice in partnering teaches three things: Timing, Strength, and How to Cover Up Mistakes!

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