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Extra class- which is more useful?


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I have the option of taking a third dance class in January..

Im going to have 2 regular ballet classes but for the third I can either take another ballet class or a "Barre class", which is supposed to have regular barre, centre barre and floor barre...

I'm wondering what would be more useful...everyone here seems to say that 3 times a week is a good number of regular classes, but I've heard that floor barre really builds up strength (which is what I need more than flexibility) and I don't feel like the barre part of my other classes is thorough enough sometimes...


Any suggestions? :)

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I would go with the full class. That much barre work would drive me nuts! :)

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I think from the point of view of overall development of skill in ballet, taking the third ballet class is best. I mean, more regular classes is almost always better, at least up to the point where you are taking a daily class.


But we adults often have motives other than maximizing our ballet skill. Often we just like to feel good about whatever we are doing. I sense Sashinka that you have a great deal of interest in this barre class. If you do, why not give it a try and see if you like it. If you don’t like it, go to the regular class. I don’t see how you can lose.


I think the luxury we adults have is that we are never going to be really seriously good. That gives us the freedom to experiment. The barre class may not help you at all. But then it is highly unlikely to hurt you either.

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Thanks very much for the advice Ms.Leigh and Gary, I'll give it a bit more thought over the break, but I think I am leaning towards the regular class now.... :clapping: , and maybe the teacher will let me try one class of the barre class to see if I really do like it...

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