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soreness in thighs


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my outside thighs are sore from class yesterday. i don't usually get this and i am wondering if it's a bad thing. it seems like the outside of my quads which would definitly be bad, right?

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americanlostinUK, it is so difficult to decide that soreness in your thighs is a bad thing. Without seeing you, without knowing what you and your teacher were working on in class it is impossible to say one way or the other.


There are times my students have had soreness in their thighs. It is always related to something being done in a class or a rehearsal, but it has never been a bad thing. I suggest you speak with your teacher regarding your concerns. If it does not get better, see a doctor.

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i sort of meant bad as in working the wrong muscles. sorry for the confusion! i understand though that you can't really know what we did in class and i don't really remember very well, but my thighs aren't sore anymore so i guess it can be left at that.

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OK, that just sounds like a transient overuse discomfort, possibly aggravated by winter weather.

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