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Inspiring Other Boys to Dance

its the mom

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Just a cute and quick story. My 14-year old DS danced the Nutcracker this past weekend and will again this weekend. We do the Balanchine Nut. He was dancing Lead Cane. An angel mom came up to me on Monday after the shows. She said her two young boys, aged 11 and around 3, went home and took out hula hoops. They were trying to figure out how DS did the doubles through the hoop. She said they were so inspired that they are now interested in taking classes. This was how my son got interested in ballet. He sat through his sister's ballets, but seeing the Soldier Doll and Candy Canes in Balanchine's Nut made him want to try ballet. He gets to do both those parts, so Nutcracker is one of his favorite times of year! Hopefully, there will be other boys in the audience who want to take a stab at it.

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Thanks you for sharing your story!


I am certain that if more young boys were to attend ballet performances they too would want to try the physical feats they see.


Now if we can just convince their parents to take them to the ballet.... :clapping:

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It always helps if there are other boys at the school to set an example and inspire the younger ones. Actually, we got another boy last year because the mum of our one boy student happens to know the other boy's sister (small world). When she discovered that he had been "dancing" (I put that in quotes because although he had been taking classes for two years he had not learnt any technique at all) she told his sister to make sure that he transferred to us. In the short time he has been with us, he has learnt so much and his greatest thrill was when he could watch the bigger boy in class. Unfortunately, the older one has left now to study full time abroad, but his reputation remains!

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Itsthemom...I love to hear stories like yours! Wishing that your son continues to 'inspire' all those potential 'caveliers' who might have a future in ballet but might need that extra push to get started. At 14 he sounds as if he's already accomplished so much more than most boys his age... and the lead candycane is no small feat as I'm sure you know!


Many good wishes to him as he continues with his studies and I hope that he finds his own inspiration along the way as he ispires others! Tango

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