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Ok, I'm trapped. I've got a mini performance on Friday. Today is Wednesday. My merlet point shoes are giving me agony I can hardly look clean in them...or smile. I could wear my old dead capezio ones which work wonderfully, but I have to wear two toe pads on each foot because they are soft and there is tons of pressure on my big toes. The man who gave me my merlets also gave me and increadibly hard shank strength... no one else in my entire studio has this hard shoes. So they dont stick to my arch and arent bendy enough. They look as if I'm not properly standing on them which isn't true because my foot is completely in the right poistion. It's only for one performance... can I use my old ones??? Is it safeish. I don't want to hurt myself. Oh and what can you do to make you and your partner synchronised especially when it's a day before the performance???

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in re: Shoes - have no idea. Depends on your shoes and you. Have to see both in order to answer.


in re: Synchronicity - get two stopwatches, but two weeks ago. Ask your rehearsal supervisor, but one week ago. Now, it's all up to you two. Merde!

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I have the same problem. My new shoes are realy wierd. They don't fit my bunions so my bunions realy realy realy hurt . I look realy bad while I'm dancing in them becase my feet hurt. I know I should be wearing my toe spacers so I'll try that today, but my old shoes feel fine without spacers. Should I try my toe spacers with my new shoes or just wear my old shoes and put pointe shoe makeup on them? :shrug:

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See what works, and do that. You really don't want to be going onstage in BRAND new shoes.

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ok. The dance is DONE!!! It was a few minutes of hell! The floor was slippery which we didn't know because we had never been able to rehearse there. I ended up wearing my old pointe shoes after sleeping with ice on my feet, icing them the whole day and not practising on pointe.I just went on demi pointe when I couldn't bear turning on it. Which was ok because my partner was on demi. Synchronization was alright but well not that great. I tried to make her reaaally listen to the counts didn't quite work out. grrrrr At least everything is done and I can go back to being normal again =) Phew

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Guest deliriousdancer24

yeah my old ones are soo much better but the only problem is that it is like there is no shank at all in that shoe. so i wore one of my old shoes (the one that wasnt as broken) and i wore one of the new shoes(that wasnt as broken also) haha

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