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New class but toe pain


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Thanks to those who recommended places to try after my last class disaster. I found a place that has great classes that are and hour and a half and ours actually ran late. The instructors were awesome. I am so excited!

I am having a problem with my shoes, though and i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. After about an hour by big toes hurt. It hurts enough that I can't rest my toe on the floor when I tendu without pain. I asked the teacher at the first place I took a class at and she said it was normal for capezio shoes to fit small at first and that I just had to wait for them to stretch. I had them fitted at a capezio store by a knowledgeable person. I have worn them around the house a bit to try to stretch them out, but I still have pain. Is there something I am doing wrong? Any ideas appreciated!

Alexandra :P

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It's possible that the shoes are too tight, but have you cut your toenails? If they are too long that would do it too.

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Definitely check to see if your toenails need a trim, as Ms. Leigh suggested. It really makes a difference!


I break in new leather shoes by dampening them with water (I use a damp paper towel) and wearing around the house. That way they form to my feet better. I do this several times before I put the elastic on and use them in class.

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Long toe nails may be it or mabey the brand of shoes you're wearing. For the longest time I've worn Capizio canvas shoes which were too narrow for my foot which made dancing a bit painful at times, but I just sucked it up and figured that's how all canvas shoes fit. That went on until the wonderful day when I tried on a pair of Sanshas canvas shoes. At first I thought they were too big then I tried them out for a bit and they were oh, so comfy and didn't hurt my feet at all!

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I've bought shoes before that fit great in the store, but once I started dancing in them (and my feet begin to swell slightly) they are too tight and cause lots of pain (my toenails are kept short). I would get a larger pair of shoes and see if that's the problem. In my experience leather doesn't stretch much if at all.



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When I got my first pair of ballet slippers I was told they would streth as well. Then I endured about 6 months of toe pain like you describe before I realiezed that they just were not going to stretch. I switched to canvas in the correct width and length and have never had the pain again. You may need to get some new shoes!!

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If your shoes are leather, it might help to turn them inside out and (carefully!) cut away the lining. That way the leather can stretch more easily. I did that with my first leather Blochs, and they molded to my feet great. The lining actully prevents that from happening.

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