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I need a bit of help with partnering.....


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Today I was informed that I am going to be doing the main boy's part in the Mother Ginger dance for the Nutcracker. I know the part, as I have been understudying for the girl's part. But, the show is on Tuesday, and I need some tips on how to partner a girl. I have to do a few lifts that look similar to the fish dive, but instead of me standing up as I'm holding the girl, I am kneeling. I also have to lift her for some sissone and italian jumps. Also, I have to do several partnered turns with her, such as piroettes and an attitude turn. Does anyone have any tips for me to help with keeping her on balance and lifting her up higher?




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Oh boy. :shrug:


On the sissone lifts, just follow her through the movement. The pirouettes, she's on her own, you just stop her at the end. If the attitude is a promenade, just grab her wrists and walk her around. She keeps herself on balance, if you don't pull her backwards. Don't know what much to make of the kneeling fish. I'd have to see it.

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Guest twinklehooves

If the attitude is a promenade, don't pull her arms backwards. Keep them forward, and when you walk in the circle- make it even. Try and make it a perfect circle. It makes a wonder of a difference in my opinion. =)


Good luck!!


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