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Training: Starting late and becoming professional


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in Pointe Magazine from April/May of 2003 and on page 26 they talk about the Joffrey Ensemble Dancers (does anyone know if they are still around?). In this article they talk about a dancer named Angelo Giglio who was an ex-soccer player and accounting major who started training at age 25 (at the time of the article he was 29 and they state he started training 4 years prior). I've read some dance articles on him and it seems that he is pretty good. But ofcourse he probably had long and intense (and very expensive training) at the Joffrey School :P .

To Mrs. Leigh, and anyone else, what does it take to rise to such an advanced level in 4 years? and why can't women start late (like ages 18-20) like men and advance as well?

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It takes a natural proclivity for ballet, excellent teaching, and a lot of hard work. And being male helps, because the woods are full of females.

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This really makes me happy. I'm a 26 yr old guy and I can only hope to get good enough to have the success he did. I don't know if being in Austin is good. But I'm trying my best.

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I'm a 30 year old (female) apprentice in a small professional company of good quality. I "re-began" at 27, after not having danced for 6 years.


I trained in New York and worked very hard. Also learned as much as possible about anatomy and technique through books, doctors and physical therapists, and resources like this site. My teachers are very good, I have a ballet body, and look young. I'm not fantastic yet, but was able to advance enough to feel confident about my abilities.


Of course, I had years of ballet before.


I've met so many guys who say they've only been dancing for 4 years who are amazing. I always find it hard to believe, but I guess it must be true. I know one girl who started at 17 and is an apprentice with a small NYC company. She's about 22 now. Really talented. Her extension developed so fast and she is innately musical.

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