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Morning Classes at the Dance Complex

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Has anyone here taken the higher level (Intermediate/Intermediate Advanced) ballet classes at the Dance Complex (Rebecca Rice/Anna Myer/Rosann Ridings/Margot Parsons)?

I'm wildly trying to find classes that might fit my schedule for the spring semester, and some of those work for me. I think I'm getting to be a low intermediate level dancer and am up for a challenge, but would like to have some idea of what I might be getting into.

Any information appreciated. :thumbsup:

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I haven't taken any of these classes, but I've worked with Rosann Ridings before and she's very nice. I know some people like her class.


I took Marcus Shulkind at Green Street studios. His class has long, complicated combinations, but it's dancy and he's very cool. The class was crowded beyond belief and he seemed to know many names. He was all over me immediately, in my first class. The accompanist was fantastic. Worth it for the music alone. It's hard though. I was lost (and I admit...frustrated), and I'm advanced. I think it's one of those classes you get used to if you show up often enough. It was different. The level of dancers was mixed. 2 hours long. I want to go back to his class when I have the time.

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I've been to Marcus' class a couple times and it was just too much for me. I love how welcoming and helpful he is, but I got so flustered with the sensory overload and the fast combinations (which moved away from the barre! aargh! I can't move yet! :o ) that I turned stupid. Maybe in another million years or so I'll get up the guts to try it again.


(P.S. I'm pretty sure I know which accompaniast you're talking about--he rules.)

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knock knock-student here!

I LOVE Marcus' classes-and the music is wonderful! It's challenging but a very friendly atmosphere, totally worth trying!

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Re: Dance Complex's classes:


Roseann Ridings' classes are well-rounded, very musical (her pianist is also wonderful), popular, & certainly worth trying. She is formerly of Boston Ballet (during E. Virginia Williams' directorship), & a well-established ballet teacher in the New England area. Her classes are thankfully lacking in the attitudes one so often confronts in ballet, & her students are very loyal.


Anna Myers directs her own modern dance company, & is also a former member of Boston Ballet (again under E.V. Williams). She is also a student of the Legat style, having studied closely w/ Ana Roje of Yugoslavia. Her ballet classes are a bit slower than Roseann's, & appear to be popular. Only teaches in the evening.


Margot Parsons also directs her own modern dance company. She teaches ballet throughout the Greater Boston area - including at Boston College & Boston University, & has worked as a choreographer for many years. She also co-produced the Dance at the Top Floor (most often at Boston Ballet's Grand Studio).


Rebecca Rice is another modern dance company director, & has taught modern dance at Boston Ballet school for years. She has also choreographed many modern works for the school. Her ballet class at the Dance Complex is relatively new, on Mondays.


Marcus choreographs modern dance works himself. Interesting that so many modern choreographers are teaching ballet. His pianist, Igor, is also a terrific composer, & has written many works for dance.


Finally, Adriana Suarez, recently principle dancer w/ Boston Ballet, is reported to be teaching a Thursday morning class at Green St. Studios. She is a marvelous ballerina, & it should be a terrific experience to share in her knowledge.

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Although I haven't been to any of these classes, Anna Myer was my first ballet teacher when I started as an adult (well, I was 21) nearly 24 years ago. As I'm still dancing after nearly a quarter century, you can tell I found her an inspirational teacher. If anybody reading this does take her class, please say hi from Diane!

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I must add a little something about Marcus' class. Keep trying. He is very welcoming and there is no judgement if you do not get the combination. You will eventually understand his nuances in class. It is hard to fall right into his style. However, after time you will truly enjoy all of his class.

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Thank you everyone for the information (diane, I will TRY to remember your message!) I suppose I will just have to plunge in, something I don't like to do in any area of life, really.


And I did want to also thank everyone for the encouragement, though strictly speaking it isn't necessary. I've never had a "bad" class experience in Boston (unless it came directly out of my own head!). This is really a nice city to take some pretty serious adult ballet in. :innocent:

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Hello fellow MA dancers, but I live near Springfield, not Boston, and one of the reasons my prof. career ended was that 1hr bus trips to/from class or rehearsal 5x/wk was ok with mom, but not 2hrs. So... is Boston/Cambridge the only place to take ballet classes geared to us older adults (I'm mid 40's now) at a semi-prof. level? So far everything out here seems geared for modern dance. Also, arthritis and a recent achilles strain has slowed me somewhat, but I really miss it, and can only do so much with Pilates, tapes at home, or stealing time at the local Y's sprung floor aerobics studio. Thanks for any input.

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A good option near Springfield is Massachusetts Academy of Ballet in Holyoke. They have a web site: www.massacademyofballet.com


They have adult classes on Mon and Wed nights, Tues, Thurs and Friday mornings. Sometimes adults are o.k. in the kids' advanced classes.


Good luck!

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I second the East Street Ballet suggestion! They are sweethearts. Another option is the Pioneer Valley Ballet, which recently moved from its old space in Northampton to a new place in Easthampton. I haven't seen the new place but apparently its really nice, and they seem to have a handful of adult open classes on their schedule - pioneervalleyballet.org . I suspect that ESB and PVB are the 2 strongest ballet schools in the area. (They used to be the same school actually, but then there was this stupid internal political disaster, ESB split off to do its own thing, and PVB is now on its 4th artistic director in 4 years... UGH. I hate dance studio politics.)


Good luck! :(

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