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Guest PrinceSiegfried84

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Guest PrinceSiegfried84

Hi, I've just joined the community and there's something I wanted to talk about.


I am a 21 yo italian dancer. I graduate last summer at English National Ballet School and I have some professional experience. I've been dancing the whole summer with the Trockadero Ballet and now I am dancing as a lead in "La petite danseuse de Degas" in my hometown theatre.


I am going to NYC next February to take classes and attend some auditions for american ballet companies such as State Street Ballet (Santa Barbara,CA) Ballet Austin, Pittsburgh Ballet,Ballet Memphis...


My technique is quite strong, I have some weak parts that I'm trying to strengthen, such as precise double saut de basque and double sissonne. I have a nice body with toned, strong chest and back, long legs, arched feet and great extensions. Still I can't tell I am an amazing dancer. I am a good dancer, a nice corps level at the moment (being also young...)


Does anybody know if in their opinion there is a real chance for me to get a contract in one of those companies (I am not talking about anything like ABT or Boston Ballet or Miami City Ballet etc) and where should I take class at an advanced\professional level for male technique in NYC?


Thank you so much for reading

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Being a foreign dancer, it may be more difficult for you to find employment in the US, but not impossible. Contact the companies you are thinking to audition for, to inquire about working visas for foreign dancers. There are strict governmental requirements which have very little to do with whether or not a company would like to hire you.


Enjoy your trip to NY. Stay positive and open minded and perhaps the doors will open!

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PrinceSiegfried84--Wilhelm (Willie) Burmann's class at 10:30 AM at Steps is a good class for advanced/professional male dancers. He's amazing, and you'll meet many dancers who can assist you with your questions.


David Howard gives a morning class at Steps as well. Also try Nancy Bielski and Michael Vernon during the day.


Most of these classes are large, but I'm sure a young Italian male dancer with a nice body and feet will get plenty of attention :D


For men's class specifically, I don't know. Perhaps there's something at the Joffrey school? Alexander Filipov is good with young men. He teaches ballet at Steps, and maybe has a men's class somewhere. But I don't know.


I'm sure if you ask dancers and teachers in NYC, you'll be steered toward appropriate classes for your level of technique and style.

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Guest PrinceSiegfried84

Thank you so much!!! I should then contact all the companies I was planning to audition for and basically ask if they would be able to help me with a working visa in case they like me..

Also, how much does the fact that a company REALLY WANTS TO OFFER YOU A CONTRACT matter in the procedure of obtaining a working visa?

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I suggest you contact a lawyer who is expert in immigration & work permit (Green Card) matters, or official of the USA Federal government to answer this question. Such matters can be quite complicated in the US for non-US citizens (unlike rights to work across the EU). For example, it might be best to enquire about the kind of visa you will need for entry to the US. I think the usual 'visa waiver' scheme for most EU citizens is voided if you seek or take work while in the US on the visa waiver scheme. Try to get official advice before you go - forewarned is forearmed!

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Hi Prince Siegfired!


I am a lawyer, but my advice here is strictly practical and not based on research into your particular immigration situation. Therefore without knowing your exact details, I would advise you to come to the US, take the classes at STEPS that people have suggested, and audition for the ballet companies you listed. They know from your CV and address that you will need help obtaining a work permit if you are to work in the US. If you want to make it clear then somewhere on your CV put a category listing languages and citizenship. For example,


Languages: Italian, English

Citizenship: Italian


Some US ballet companies even hold auditions in Europe. If a company likes you enough, they will find a way for you to get a work permit. Don't put it up as a barrier to the audition.


In bocca al lupo.

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As an advisor to many foreign students trying to obtain work in the US, it has been my experience that there are quite a few companies unwilling financially, to obtain a working visa for foreign dancers. Although there was a time that it was true, if a company wanted you, they would/could find a way, in today's climate, where there are many out of work American dancers and too many ballet companies struggling to stay afloat, many are not able to do visa permit applications for dancers who have not won awards. This is one of the requirements for an O1 visa. There are various other visas to work temporarily however they all have "strings attached", such as limits on income.


Renata, if you know ways to obtain a visa without having a won major award it could be helpful to many of our members to learn the ins and outs of visa obstacles. I have had students who have won awards, who companies have wanted but the visas were denied. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. :)


I have also been in the position to hire dancers (years ago) were we would have to separate dancers into working permit and non-working permit catagories. We were unable to hire non-green card holders and although we liked many foreign dancers, we (the company) were not in a financial positon to pay for the attornies to do the work. Had the foreign dancers contacted us prior to arriving at the audition they would have known there were no jobs available to them. :sweating:

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Guest PrinceSiegfried84

Dear friends!


I wouldn't have ever imagined such a great support from you!


Seriously, thank you so much!


I am a US lover that's one of the reasons why I wanna work in the US so bad!


Dear Renata (especially) I wanna than you so much for your post cause what you said is exactly what I was thinking while I was planning my audition trip to the US: no limits whatsoever, try to do my best wether they like me or not. I've worked for another company in the US, it was a Japan tour, ok, but they've found a way to make it work anyway sooo let's dance it!


I will take my classes at STEPS and...well I'll let you know.


By the way if you know a cheap place to stay in NYC for a cute (well, I mean nice) ballet dancer you're very welcome to tell me!


XXX Crepi il lupo.

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A note for our linguistically-minded posters, and a follow-up on the "MERDE!" threads.


Notice how the original wish, "In bocca al lupo" is not "good luck" expressed directly. The expression avoids the evil eye (mal'occhio) by seeming to be a sort of curse - "Into the wolf's mouth". Siegfried's response is the correct one, "Gonna CROAK that wolf!"

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PrinceSiegfried84 in bocca al lupo! You certainly have in spirit what it takes to succeed. This is a major plus in life. Keep us posted on your travels. A new adventure and the pursuit of attaining ones dreams really is what keeps our lives fresh.


Buon divertimento!

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Hi Prince Siegfried,



I would suggest you start "playing" the green card lottery now, either submit your entry by yourself or via a certified agency.

Make sure you are eligible to enter as an italian citizen.


The other idea would be to try to obtain an O- Visa, it seems complicated but it is not impossible....


I'm originally from Germany, so I know how confusing immigration can be...






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