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Guest Daniella64

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Guest Daniella64

OK so Im kinda new, I have been without a computer at home for a few years. :o But I have one now! : ) I am 22 and I have been dancing for about 5 years, and have danced with a pre-prof. company, but just quit that last month - with work and school the stress was getting high! Anyway, I am going to my first SI and I am so excited! I see that some of you have been to the adult dance camp in Richmond, if anyone is going this year, which one will you be attending? I live in Fairfax, VA so I will be driving there and I am already thinking about what to bring. I read the Sticky and I wanted to add something to the list of what to bring....a journal for recording things you learn, teacher corrections, choreography etc. I have a dance journal I use already, but I will buy one for the camp, it will be great to have during lectures!



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I would love to go to Richmond but I just can't do it right now w/ small children. i hope to go there in a few yrs -- have a great time at camp...

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Hi Danielle, Gld you found the sticky helpful. I have incorporated your suggestion of what else to bring.

Likewise, to all of you ADC'ers if any info is out of date, please let me know I can update the sticky.



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In the Q and A part of the survival guide, I refer to the grocery store near Havana 59. Well...


Havana 59 got caught up in the flood last year and never re-opened. My Richmond geography is not strong enough to describe how to find that store, although I can drive straight to it.

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OOhhhhhhh...... I am so sorry to hear about Havana '59. I have very happy memories of that place! I haven't made it back to Richmond for the last 2 summers, but hope to make it soon for my 5th dance camp. Meantime, I finally got disgusted with the non-stop scheduling problems trying to take ballet class and decided to return to figure skating for awhile to stay in shape. The classes are offered in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings, so it is much easier to schedule. And what should I discover but a whole new class type----balletic movement!!! Back 25 years ago when I was skating there was no such thing. Anyway, it consists of a 30 minute barre, some pilates, followed by ice time concentrating on translating the ballet moves to the ice. I guess I had to go back to the rink to finally get a ballet class! Who knew?!?



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Guest marathongirl

I so want to go this year, but my concern is that I am still too new to be okay there. I'm a re-beginner this year and took 3 classes a week last sememster (2 beg II and 1 beg I) and hope for 4 this semester (am signed up for 3 beg II). From what it says on the web site I'd be okay but I am still concerned that I am to old (40) to be that new, with no pointe for sure. What do those of you who've gone think? I would love to go, but maybe I should wait another year?


BTW Danielle, I live in Fairfax too! Where do you take classes?



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marathongirl....I'd say "go for it"....i'm even older than you (45) and am also a re-beginner and i'm seriously considering going. I know i'm probably not "up to snuff" yet, but what better way to get back into it??

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I think I PM'ed you or responded to one of your messages once a couple of months ago when I saw you were from Maine. I asked where you danced and you were starting or going back to Andre Bossov. (At least I think that was you!) I went to adult classes there for a short time with Natalia. I loved it, but the time was just impossible. I forced it to work for a few months, but in the end I just couldn't make the logistics work. I think I still have a month or two of classes paid for that I was never able to use. Maybe someday! I'm about 50 minutes south of Pittsfield. If I remember right you were north---Bangor? I have also taken class in Augusta and in Bath. Did we perhaps meet there? I think it was just here on line.



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Daniella64 & marathongirl -


Summer 2005 was my first at ADC and it was an incredible experience. The age range at the last session was from 18 to 60+ and the skill level ran the gamut from re-beginner to practically professional. The "immersion" aspect is the best thing about it; dance all day, every day - you can't help but improve. There are many adults at camp who have no pointe experience so don't let that stop you. One recommendation I have is you should be taking at least 2 classes a week right now (for camp this summer) and work to increase your classes and fitness level as camp nears. -K

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Guest marathongirl

Thanks thekboose. I think I am going to go to the camp (if I can work it work-wise). I also emailed Heidi ? from the camp to see which Aug session had the level I and she said they weren't offering level 1 this summer but that I probably would be a level 2 anyway (pretty impressed with the quick response too!). So I'll just take the lowest class there! It just sounds like such fun. Can't wait.

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how much money would you suggest we should plan on budgeting?



I've been to ADC 4 times and it always comes out something like $1600 by the time it is done.

-$500 for tuition

-$500 for hotel (single occupancy)

-$300 for food

-$300 for airfare (depends on where you come from)


I've noticed some dancers are able to save on the food cost by saving some of their lunch, supplemented by groceries. I think going out to dinner with the other dancers is one of the best parts of the ADC experience, so my restaurant bills are considerable.


(be sure to read the 2 sticky threads above entitled "Richmond Survival Guide" for more information.)

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the website is www.adultdancecamps.com


The cost of the session for the full week is going to be $585 this year i think. As far as planning how much to spend there, plan on paying for 2 meals a day. lunch is provided. for breakfast i usually went down the cafe near the hotel lobby. the also offered a breakfast buffet in the restaurant in the hotel. For myself, i'm planning to go again, i'm going to plan on spending $5 per breakfast. Most of us went out to dinner every night. I spent between $20 and $40 per night for dinner. For the hotel, they had a special rate of $75 per night for us campers, but if you share a room with another camper, think of it as $37.50 a night.

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What age are most of the people there (I know there is probably a big range, but is there a cluster around a certain age?)


This sounds like an incredible thing to do- but I almost wonder if I'm to young?

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