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Guest Daniella64

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Guest Daniella64

Just wondering who is going to the Richmond Ballet camp? And when? I will be applying in January! Im Danielle by the way. ; ) 22 year old dancer in VA, been dancing for 5 years.

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I would love to go, but I have a big event every summer, and I don't find out the dates for that until the first week of January. Once that's settled, then I can work around it.


The real problems will involve money, guilt, and health. The money is self-explanatory, but the guilt would be leaving my husband behind for a week to go off and do something all mine. And it wouldn't work for him to come along and do touristy things while I dance, because he would want to do things with me after class. Which leads to the third issue--I have fibromyalgia, and I strongly suspect I could only make it through a half-day, then crash. So I wouldn't be up to touristy things, and I'm not even sure I could make it through the whole week even doing half-days.


But I'm keeping it in mind! I keep checking the website to see what the actual cost will be.



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I'd love to but am afraid I'd be way behind (I've only been back to ballet since June). But perhaps now since my hubby's promotion I may financially be able.


Does anyone know if you can attend only part of a session (for whatever reason)?

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