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This might not be the best place to ask, as its a modern program, but I'm looking at the MA choreography program at Ohio State.


Specifically, I want to research music and choreography. Last year, I choregraphed several movement phrases and then composed music to go with those phrases, rather than doing choreography with music that was already done.


Does anyone know anything about the choreography program there or another school that would fit better with what I want to do?

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Susan Hadley & John Giffen are quite talented and are on the faculty. Susan used to dance with Mark Morris, and she choreographed a ballet for us called Across The Field that was hysterically funny and witty.


Here is a link I found:

Meet Grad Students


Here is a list of choreographers who've had residencies there:

visiting artists 2005-2006


scott delahunta

ron estes

larry keigwin

nicole walcott

elizabeth zimmer

olga zitluhina



visiting artists 2004-2005


Dayton Contemporary Dance Company

Kristin Horrigan/Group Atness

Barbara Thatcher & Company


individual artists

Annemari Autere

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

April Berry

Suzan Bradford

John Crawford

Teena Custer

Susan Dromisky

Telly Fowler

Travis Gatling

Mark Haim

Rennie Harris

Christian Matjias

Najiyyah Muqtasid

Roger Myers

Mila Parrish

Daniel Roberts

Jennifer Salk

Marcia Siegel

Bradley Sowash


Bruce Terry

Doug Varone

Jay Weitz


via webcam

Ain Gordon

Phyllis Lamhut

Ralph Lemon

Tere O’Connor

Susan Rethorst

Laurie Uprichard


Other than that, I have no personal experience with the program, other than the kids who are currently freshmen at OSU in the dance department. We frequently have grad students come to us to take our adult ballet classes I guess as a supplement?


Hope that helps!

Clara 76

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Guest arabesque07

OSU has a choreography prgram? I saw that they did have a dance major but wasn't sure that choreography was emphasized. If so, that's something I'll definately have to consider even more...

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I know that they offer ballet classes, but I have no information as to whether or not they offer it as a major. I can say that they are known for their modern program.

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Anyone have updated info on Ohio State? My daughter absolutely loved the school, audition, the faculty and the students. Thanks!

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Great program, but definitely modern focus.  BFA dance majors take ballet 2x/week, though I have heard it is possible to supplement with additional outside classes.

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Thank you! We are definitely looking for a modern focus but would also like ballet more than 2x per week. 

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My daughter actually crossed OSU off her list for that same reason--she wanted more ballet (not to train to be a ballet dancer, but as support for her training as a modern dancer). Thankfully, there are plenty of programs that do offer ballet 4-5x/week for their modern dancers.


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