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Ive seen some articles on these rotating foot shaped disc things called functional footprints that are supposed to help you work on you turnout.... I thought they looked really useful and went to the website, but when I called the number, they said they didn't distribute them anymore... so does anyone know a place where you can get them? I can't seem to find much info on the internet and my school has never heard of them so...

Also, does anyone have them and if so, what do they think of them? :)

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If you go to the search function at the top of this page and type in "functional footprints" then you will see lots of previous threads about them. I would treat them with caution especially if you are going to use them unsupervised. So have a look through the comments made about them and see what you think.



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Thanks, I tried doing a search before and didnt find anything but I must have done it wrong because this time I did :).....but I still didnt find anything on where to get them since you cant get them from the website anymore......so if anyone knows where...please help...

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Don't know if this is current or not but here is a link with a phone number: Functional Footprints. You might also call West Side Dance Physical Therapy in NYC - they used to have something similar...but more along the lines of two disks that rotated.


*Here is the link to the thread within the Teachers forum that discusses these as well as gives the information on the rotator disks that I've described: What are these contraptions called?. Scroll down and you'll see the information.

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Or you could stop by a restaurant supply and get a couple of really heavy-duty lazy susans! :angry:

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