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A and B Plans: Part time work


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My daughter had a 3 day modeling job last month that came to her as a result of the company she dances with. It was terrific pay and will tide her over the summer very nicely. It made her realize that she should actively seek out such jobs.


The only trouble with modeling jobs, as with so many jobs, is that they are hard to fit into the professional dancer's schedule. But if dancers are lucky enough to get one over the summer break, it could work out very nicely.

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Yup cheetah, nothing wrong with modeling work if you can get it!! Just open up any copy of Discount Dance and look at all those young professionals who have gone to modeling for extra money....


Marjolein - that sounds intriguing and a little scary, haha. Interesting idea for a restaurant. You will have to keep us updated on how job that works out and how much you like it after a few weeks!! :(

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Anyone out there working part-time as a web-site manager or designer? How well do the schedules mesh? Looks like DD might like this for a second job. She's learning Photoshop now and loves it. Are there other fields for Photoshop that would work well with ballet?

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Although my son is not a ballet dancer, he is a web designer/manager in addition to some of his other jobs. He loves the work because he can do it anywhere as long as he's got his laptop with him. Very flexible job.

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My DD works for a smaller company who pays extremely well as small companies goes, but not quite enough to take care of all her needs. For this reason she works PT when her schedule allows for a design company. She handles customer service calls, goes to location and photographs interiors, files permits at city and county offices, and is paid well plus gas/car expenses.


The retail/waitressing was nixed because of being on her feet too much. She is on contract to deliver 100% in rehearsals and performances. Her design company boss is very flexible and allows her time off to come home also. Why? Because she carries her dedication and discipline from ballet into her work ethic at her other job and it is recognized. She was recommended to this position from a real estate developer who hired her PT the year before where she did some of the same duties. In short, it is a job where they let her know what is needed in advanced so she can plan around company classes, rehearsals, and performances.

I would recommend "relief/fill in"office staffing companies. Waitressing can be fun socially, but very exhausting and demanding on a dancer and her/his schedule and down time.

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I did some part time web production while I was dancing.


Keep in mind, web site production is actually a skilled profession, and is reasonably competitive. You need a decent portfolio, some formal education in design, and more than a bit of luck to start getting regular gigs.


I had two separate gigs. One was on-site work at a non-profit organization whose offices literally overlooked the space I was dancing in. I'd go in for a couple of hours after rehearsals ended at 4.


Another gig I had was another non profit in the neighborhood. Same deal, plus I was working on a project independently for them which allowed me to do most of the work at home.


I was too tired to work for any more than 10 extra hours a week in addition to dancing.

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If you like working with children, there seems to be a market in big cities for theme (birthday or other) parties. It is astonishing what some parents are willing (and able!) to pay for their child's perfect party. My DS has been hired as a "prince" to dance with a young birthday girl, and my sister has been everything from Pocahantas to Ariel. At one point, my sister even contemplated opening up her own part time company: an investment in costumes and some good ideas for games...it's generally only on the weekends, and can be as flexible as you want it to be.

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I work semi-full time as a web designer/developer for a software company. Keep in mind that it is a very competitive field -- many people are out hanging their shingle and proclaiming to be a "web designer/manager."


Really to be good, you should have working skills in Dreamweaver, Flash, and other Macromedia products. Strong, detailed knowledge of HTML and CSS (and CSS positioning for layout control to really stand out) is a must. And, to really stand out, a decent knowledge of backend technologies such as MySQL, DotNetNuke (and other content management apps), eCommerce tools, etc.


It's really not enough to say you know Photoshop (or god forbid, Microsoft FrontPage -- good for home use, but I would never use it for someone's business or organization).


Check into some local IT training companies such as QuickStart to look into learning various tools. (Local community colleges, I'm afraid won't have classes in the latest tools out there.) Plus the Internet has a wealth of info to help you get started in learning how best to build good, manageable websites.


Good luck!

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I teach ballet 2 days a week (also "married well" :> ). In the past, I've also worked as an early childhood educator/classroom assistant.

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As long as schedules coincide. The dancers who work in dance retail are often semi-retired or work on Sundays.

Retail is often busy right before dance classes, during dance classes when moms are free, and on Saturdays. I have a dance retail shop and was very happy during the summer SI to have dancers work after the classes, but it never seemed to work out. Rehearsals, exhaustion, etc. During the year a dancer often has morning classes, then early evening classes into later evening rehearsals. That leaves the middle of the day and Sundays for another PT job. This is why I suggest office temp work.

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I worked on Wall St. Certainly unusual, but it worked well for me.

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Citibob, how did you work that out with your ballet schedule?

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