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A and B Plans: Part time work


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That's right! Wow........time..........

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yep my now 15 DS was preschool when this thread started. He  wants to start some type of weekend part time work in November when he turns 16 depending on how CO19 changes.  

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And my son is now 30!

It's fascinating how these young dancers persevere in order to continue their art. 

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My dd (18) went to a great workshop last fall in which they normalized having a "portfolio career" as a dancer.  The idea was that most performing artists do not have a single gig by which they make their living--rather, they put together multiple things that make up the portfolio of their work.  They encouraged the students to let go of the idea that they are only "real" professional dancers if they work full-time for a single company, and instead embrace the idea that a professional dance career is often made up a variety of ways of both being a part of the dance world (not all of which may be paid) and making a living (not all of which may be as a dancer).

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I had not even joined this site when the thread started. :) 

The issues with side gigs and company life still exist but there are options that did not exist back then- all the delivery services, the car services, babysitting sites and pet care (dog walkers in cities, dog sitting).  Dd found several pet sitting and house sitting gigs through one of those websites. 

My dancer has gone from company life to that "portfolio" career that threegirlpileup mentions above. She still dances professionally for her main job (not a ballet company though), freelances for other dance opportunities, does some acting, and occasionally even walks a dog or two to make it all work today. Of course, as I write this, we are deep into a pandemic, so the only money she is bringing in today is from online private lessons focusing heavily on problem issues. She is hoping that maybe a few of her students will continue after this is all over. 


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I really believe that these "portfolio" dancers are best equipped to handle life-as-we-now-know-it, because they are chameleons! I am continually amazed at my own son, and how he navigates professional dance, marriage, graphic design, family, and several other professional and personal interests! 

He and his wife have just bought a bungalow, expanded their businesses, and all of this within the last month. I don't know that at his age, I could have handled all of that while experiencing a pandemic at the same time. 

This gives us hope!

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That’s sounds great! Congratulations on his happiness!

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Congratulations to your son Clara76. So happy to read he is figuring out how to thrive! 🥰

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