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Guest 321dance


i've been having trouble doing extensions to the side becuase my teacher says that i have been lifting my hip and leaning to the opposite side. i've been trying to correct this and my extension has decreased a lot but i'm wondering, you do need to lift your hip at least a little to get a high extension right? otherwise, how does your leg reach a full extension? i do understand though, that you are suppossed to stay as upright as possible.


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Todays requirements for extention do allow for a "lifting" of the working hip...however, it takes a very educated to teacher to help a student to understand how high is just enough! It is not physically possible to lift the working leg above 90 degrees and have the hips remain even. The alignment of the supporting side of the body must remain upright and balanced.


If your teacher is asking you to keep your hips even, there may be a reason. Have you had this conversation with your teacher? :shrug:

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