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Tallahassee, FL?

Guest Ballerninja

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Guest Ballerninja

First off, I'd like to apologize if this is in the wrong forum. Feel free to move it as needed.


Okay, I live in Tifton, GA and my dance studio is uhh... sub-par at best. I love everybody there to death and it was a great place to get my start, but they never correct anything, I'm forbidden from wearing tights, and they focus very little on technique, but mostly on the choreography for recital. Its just a very relaxed setting. It was good for me to get used to dancing, but after I grew to live for dance, the laid-back atmosphere only made me angry. All technique I have is because I practice with a videocamera to pick out my mistakes when I'm at home. I was told that in order to recieve proper instruction, I would have to either go to to Macon, GA or Tallahasse, FL. Tallahassee is closer, so I'm opting for that.


I'm looking for a place in Tallahassee that would allow an out-of-towner to attend the regular classes and hopefully be able to schedule some private instruction. Money isn't so much of an issue on this. Like I said, I live to dance, so it will be money well spent. I don't really know anybody in Tallahassee so I can't get any reccomendations on which places are best. I could call and ask if they would allow me to come, but I don't want to get down there and accidentally end up in a studio exactly like the one I'm in now, ya know?


And before somebody throws out the "gas prices" card.. I ride a motorcycle, so gas prices don't hurt me much. The travel expenses will be minimal, as I get a little over 50mph on the bike. (Yeah, 50mpg. Bwahahaha!!)


Any help would be greatly appreciated. *begs*

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I live in Pensacola...about 2.5-3 hours west of you on I-10. I train with the NW Florida Ballet. I don't live in Tallahassee and couldn't really help you with a school, but my school may be able to help you. Here is their website where you can contact and inquire (I love it here, especially being able to train with Dorthy Daniels Lister).



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