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The other day after ballet class my teacher told me that in the summer he'd start working on lifts with me. That's because there are less girls in the class during the summer, so it'd be better, as I wouldn't have to rotate every 5 minutes. But I was wondering if there is anything I should do to be physically prepared for it. I'm hesitant to try weight lifting, since I'm 15 but I had a late puberty and my doctor told me I probably still have a year of major growing left to do. Thanks in advance for you help.

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Actually, the first lifts you do, the girl will likely be giving you some assistance by grasping your wrists and bracing herself that way. It's good for both your and her peace of mind. It also makes the lift far easier. Pushups won't much help, as they develop forward thrust. Only useful if you intend to punch or bayonet your partner. Poor form! Use of light barbells of about 20 lbs. weight will give you a start on the press part of the lift. Work supervised at first, until you know how to work with weights. Oddly enough, you don't need that much upper body strength to begin lifts. It's almost all timing in the early parts.

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See the post above the previous one. Vertical push-ups are good, too, but they leave marks on the walls where you have to plant your toes.

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Guest chopperdave
See the post above the previous one. Vertical push-ups are good, too, but they leave marks on the walls where you have to plant your toes.



Not if you have superior balence :D


which i dont..... :thumbsup:

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Actually, most of the strength you use in lifting anything overhead, unless you pelvis is motionless, comes from the legs, back, and tush. And in ballet, lifts are quite dependent on timing, rhythm, and positioning. I have nothing against doing some weight training or resistance training (push-ups, either wall or the usual kind for that matter), but would also say that the big jumps in grand allegro (which use the legs, back and tush) are also very good preparation.

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I'm afraid that vertical push-ups could break your neck if, for whatever reason, your arms or shoulders collapse suddenly on you. Not a risk I wish to take, although I've seen other guys doing them.

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