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Atlanta Dance Camp?


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Does anyone know anything about the Atlanta Adult Intensive? I printed out the information from the website, but it was pretty sketchy--something about half or full day classes, but that was about all. Has anyone been?



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I'd like to know more info about that as well. I just went to the website and they offered very little to no information at all. The application was also the one for the 2005 session. I would be interested in this because i have alot of friends in atlanta and it would be a good excuse to get down there. Anyone know anything?

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I would be interested to know anything found out as well.

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Guest silverfighter

I just sent in to go to this program this summer. I am really looking forward to it. I have a bit more information than what is on the website, if you let me know what you are looking for I can see if I have it in my papers I got from there. I don't have the official "you're coming, here's what you need to know" packet yet, though.



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Guest Administrator

Hi Ladies ! Thank you for your interest in Atlanta Ballet's SummerAdult Intensive! This one week intensive began last year and had such a great response that we are bringin g it back again this summer! Please eamil me directly at japgar@atlantaballet.com and I'll be happy to provide you with additional information and will answer any questions you might have. Positions are still available!

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