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Should I continue with pee-wee class

Guest dancerlover

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Guest dancerlover

Dear all


I have been on a pee-wee class for pre-ele for 2 months full now.The girls ranges between 11-14 I believe and I am the only late twenty student in class. Practically speaking I have no problems in continuing with the class;below is what I noted that I would like some of your frank opinion;


1) Should I continue dancing with a bunch of pee-weees and take the exams?

2) The class is slowing down as I realised a lot of the kids are not strong enough to even get en pointe despite being in pre-ele; would this slow me down?

3) Teacher has requested that I do private class with her to correct some placement issues which she does not want to overspent doing in the daily classes; these are some of my bad habbits cultivated during adult classes which were not corrected thus leading to severe damage in terms of placings

4) How can I gauge where I am at 5 months down?

5) I fear that all of us would not be allowed for exams as from what I observed these girls are pretty slow...

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Hi Dancerlover,


At least your teacher is bothering to correct you!


I haven't seen you dance, but I would say that it is more important for you to resolve your placement problems before you think about moving on to a harder class.


If your teacher is giving you a private lesson, you could talk to her then about what she thinks you should do in the medium-term.


If the kids are genuinely less good than you, could it be that she is offering you private lessons because she is considering putting you in for the exam before them? There is, in my opinion, absolutely NO reason at all why a whole class has to go in for an exam at the same time - people progress at different rates & I would expect a handful of people to be doing the exam each term & then moving up, leaving those who were not ready behind to wait until next time and the best ones from the level below who had done their exam to move up to join them.


(Of course, that doesn't happen in my school - they prefer to keep peer groups together, and the less good ones just get moved up anyway without doing the exam at all - but the result is that they end up dropping even further behind in terms of technique, so how is that a good thing?????)


I wouldn't let your classmates' age in itself bother you - I am in a class with 12-15 year olds and have been with them since they were about 8! If, however, you really want to do pointe but they are not ready, is there a seperate pointe class you could join, or could you do some in your private lessons?


So basically I am saying discuss it with your teacher - she sounds like she is taking you seriously, which some of us would give anything for!



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Hi Dancerlover


Not sure how you feel about the exams but i know id love to when im good enough?!

Private classes great - scary but great that your teacher is willing to give individual time.

And i agree that you shouldnt let the kids bother you at all - either the age difference or difference in technique. Just concentrate on yourself, your teacher must see some potential or why would they offer private lessons?


Id say go for it but everyone is different and has different goals :innocent:

(sorry doesnt seem like ive been too helpful!)

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Guest dancerlover

Thanks you all. I had been unable to compromise to any of the teacher's schedule for private classes as I have other classes at hand, hold a regional travelling portfolio ( career wise) and am planning to insert MBA classes; boy I am gonna be so dead. These days after joinig the pee-wee's class I am in office late and almost cramping for sleep. I am making plans to settle for an office based portfolio and will soon make proper time for additional classes...its a decision making time and career swap/settlement for something lesser but more fulfilling of proper ballet classes..


I am comfy with the kids- the problem I face is sometimes I struggle to handle the glares of some of the ex-peers who did the Jazz medals exams with me and now coaching baby ballet classes...these individual gave me a "what's up with this old lady in a pee-wee class" kinda look which makes it very daunting...


Thanks for all the advises....I will take weekend to ponder over my options

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Guest dancerlover



Sorry I realised this thread would have been more appropriate for buddy board comlumn instead of technique- I'd be careful next time when posting.


Jane S,


How old are you? Woa..you have been with the kids for some time now. I have done Pointe in my previous adult classes however the current teacher felt that I am not strong just yet for it...thus have taken it off. nevertheless I'd never be able to do pointe as I have messed up toe nails which never grows right and always do end up with severe pain in demi and pointe shoes...

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Hi Dancerlover,


I am even older than you - I am 40 next month :) !


Mind you, I don't look, act or feel that old, and I don't think the kids in my class realise I am, either!


The only separate adult ballet class in my school is for beginners - after that we join in with the kids. I am the only adult in my own class, but there are others in the next 2 levels up.


There are adult tap & jazz classes too, but the times aren't convenient for me so I am with the teens for those as well.


By the way, I know what you mean about pointe making your toenails hurt - if I forget to trim mine before class I know I will regret it!



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wow jane, i hope im still dancing when im 40, have you always danced?



do not let these people make you uncomfortable - i know its easier said than done but you shouldnt have to even think about them, its all about the dancing and if any one else thinks otherwise - maybe they came to the wrong place :)

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I'm so surprised by how mature some children can be. There are 12 year olds that I can actually have a decent conversation with, and have some laughs. A lot of kids read good literature in school and are engaged individuals with opinions on a wide variety of matters.


In the long run, age is meangless. Everyone's there because they love ballet and want to get better. Dancers are dancers. Doesn't matter what number is attached to your age.

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Guest dancerlover



thx for sharing. I hope that i'd be able to continue ballet at 40 as well. At rate i am going if i do not have kids and not have any concussion/serious injuries i may just well finish advance at ripe 50.Hahhahha...


Nevertheless i 'salute' you for your courage for continuing class!


Personally, I am more concerned about going into exams long terms with these kiddos and benchmarking myself if i do classes with adults instead.The only reason why I resorted to joining these kiddos in first place as it was only way the school could guarantee me that the class would not get disbanded halfway through...



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Wow, didn't realise I was so brave! :-)


As I said, I really DON'T feel that old, so....


Anyway, I don't have kids and am resigning myself to the fact that I have probably left it too late now (just the way my life turned out) so I figure I may as well just carry on dancing as long as I am able (hopefully at least 'til I draw my pension!)


No, I haven't always danced (I did as a child but quit, then took it up again in my twenties as an adult).


To be v honest though I am DREADING my 40th birthday because I won't be able to just say I am a "thirtysomething" any more if anyone asks my age!


As for exams, if you are good enough, go for it!



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I'm in a similar situation -- I am the only >30 in a class full of 15-18 yr olds. However, this class is advanced, so I know that it's not too easy.


If I were in your situation, I would stay only if I knew that the level was right for me and that I am challenged enough. If you are getting anything out of the class, I would stay, especially concentrate on your "placement issues".


As for people giving you weird looks -- they will get over it, and so will you. I agree w/ what someone else said -- a dancer is a dancer is a dancer. It doesn't matter what age you dance and who you dance with. When I am in class, I do everything full out as much as any 15 yr old is expected to do and I get the same corrections, and goof up the same steps...etc. We also just all giggle at each other when the combinations get ridiculously difficult.

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