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Hi! I'm new to the boards but just needed a question regarding pointe shoes answered. I'm 16 and I've been dancing on and off for about 12 years. When I was in 8th grade, I was taking ballet and was on demi pointe but had to quite because the studio shut down. This year I started again and was still in great shape and remembered everything quite well. I'd like to get back to pointe but there's a few problems. I was talking to a friend about it and she says i shouldn't even be dancing. why? because i'm pidgeon toed (born that way) and I have really high arches. There's nothing I can really do for my feet because they turn in but it's improved. i'd love to get back on pointe because ballet is my passion, but i'd like some opinion on this. shoud i really not be dancing or getting back on to pointe?


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Hi, Dancer28, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


I've moved your post over from Pointe Shoes to Young Dancers because the question you have is about strength and technique, not the shoes themselves.


Actually having turned-in feet is a great reason to START taking ballet! It requires that you rotate the thigh bone in the hip socket to get the feet to turn out. Some serious study at a good school could really help with that. Having high arches by themselves is not cause for alarm. You could have STRONG high arches, which is a desirable trait!

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i've actually been taking ballet for several years, but just on and off because of conflicts. but i've finally come to the point where i want it to be more of a serious thing. i was dissapointed at the place i was taking because i was always yelled at for my feet turning in. but i've had some extensive training in ballet. there was a time when i took 5 classes a week.

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I don't think having turned-in feet is a huge issue when dancing as long as you work really hard to try and turn out. I've been dancing since i was 10 and I have bowed legs which doesn't help a whole lot, but i've worked really hard to correct it and just got my first pair of pointe shoes this year. My teacher said its going to be harder because of the turning in issue, but it's totally possible.

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yes, i agree. there was a time when i took from a great dance studio and my teacher was very understanding. but unfortunatly, it's closed down. i've just been put down alot recently because of this problem. my teacher now says i'll never be a dancer with this problem. i have great technique and extremly stong feet. i'd just would love to get back on pointe. :)

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Hello Dancer28, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


I would concentrate on technique at this pointe, and not worry about pointe until you find out if you can turn out your legs enough to make it work for pointe. If you really cannot turn out your legs....not FEET, LEGS, then pointe work is a problem. If you find that, with proper training, you can learn to turn out your legs, then pointe work MIGHT become a possibility. But, lets take one step at a time here.

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my legs can turn out, it's just that somtimes they do tend to go in when i'm trying to concentrate on several things at once. i've danced on pointe before, it's the getting back onto pointe and wondering if i ever should have been on it.

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Not until or unless you are able to use your rotation consistently.

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