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From recreational to pre-professional

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This past year I expanded my school (after being able to finally afford it and find someone to run it) to add a pre-professional ballet program to my recreational program.


I have had several students make it in the business, because I always treated my dance program like an intensive one, but could not offer more than 2 ballet classes per week in each level. They were 90 minutes and very intense but when I had kids who could go no further with me, I had to send them to a pre-pro school and some could not do it because there were none close enough for some of them.


I am so happy to have found a teacher to run it and who knows what he is doing. We have done three performances so far since he came. Our summer-end ballet gala was wonderful, our Dracula and Nutcracker were an enormous hit with great reviews.


Our little town has not seen this type of dance and it is great. Our parents and students are as thrilled as I am. My dream come true for my students.


In defense of recreational ballet programs, please remember that many of us are excellent ballet teachers but just don't have the resources to be pre-pro, so we do our best and send them on.


I know that many of my students made it into good SI's (Rock, American Ballet Academy, Joffrey, Kirov Academy, Bossov, to name a few) before we had an intensive program. I would allow them to take lower level classes for free and encouraged the more serious ones to take extra classes at good local open ballet classes at colleges.


I am just posting you with my joy of finally being able to have such a program in my little town that has only one other school that is VERY recreational (1/2 hour classes for all ages and levels and only work on dance routines for their annual recital).

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That is great news, abdwybabe! Congratulations, and continued success with your program!

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You sound like a good teacher, and it's good to hear of success in a business that's so hard to handle financially. I came from responsible recreational schools like that and have no complaints. Several of the girls I danced with in high school continued on and did well.

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