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I took grade one, am taking grade two in February, and grade three in June. what's the average grade level for a 13 year old hoping for a professional career?

I think someone said something about grade for but I'm not sure....


And at that rate, is the exam amount I put above enough?

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What method are we talking about here? RAD? Cecchetti? At any rate, grade two in either is far below the average proficiency of a 13-year-old.

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My dance study teaches RAD and teachers for students that are serious about becoming professional dancers, 13 yos are in Intermediate Foundation or higher depending how fast their bones ostified for pointe.

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Cecchetti. I know grade two is too low. I just started this year. That's why my teacher is making me take so many classes to get up to grade 4 around august where I would be at approximetly the right level. Would that be about right?

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AHH! 31st post :D


haha sorry


::::now back to your regularly scheduled posting:::

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