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Auditions in jeopardy


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I wasn't sure where to post this, but I need some advice.


As mentioned in another posting, DD has been suffering with hip problems for a few months now. She hasn't been able to dance due to pain and limited movement. She especially can't lift her right leg. Doc suspects a labral tear which will need a surgical repair. The diagnosis will be made soon after an arthrogram next week. DD has several college auditions beginning Jan.15-lasting thru Feb. She just doesn't think she'll be able to dance by then. At least not worthy of acceptance into college dance programs. She's been accepted into some of these schools already- just not the dance department. And other schools base their acceptances on the outcome of the auditions. Oh what to do!!!! Has anyone been in this predicament before? Should we notify the schools and explain the situation? Should we withdraw the applications and hopefully they'll want to audition her next year? Do you think the schools might be interested in viewing her SI audition video she used last year-even though it's not the greatest videography, has no solo or variation and is lacking the modern component that makes up most college auditions? I am really perplexed at this point. Any and all replies will be greatly appreciated. I'd hate for DD to miss out on the opportunity to dance/study at some of the great schools(Purchase, NCArts, UArts, Fordham) because of her not being in top form. I know the competition is tough to get accepted into those schools, but she is very talented, and has been in a release-time dance program studying with great teachers and her recommendations are super.


Thanks in advance for your help, encouraging words and prayers. Happy holidays to everyone.

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By all means, contact the schools and see what they offer in the way of alternative arrangements. This certainly cannot be the first time these places have heard this problem, and they probably have options. In the meantime, best wishes for an uneventful recovery, and a good time to be had in spite of injury over the holidays.

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