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winter break

Guest balletbabe24

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Guest balletbabe24

i have about a four week break until dance classes start again. i was wondering if i should be resting :) or doing barre, adagios, and combinations from last semester :D ... i know a dancers body needs rest but i am soooo ready to get back to class! does anyoune else feel like this or am i just crazy and ballet obsessed (probably the last one :P) is there something in particular i should be doing to stay in dancing shape over my break?

Thanks for the help! Happy Holidays!

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Take about two of those weeks and just veg. Then you can start to come back starting with pliés and tendus - lots of tendus, many tendus. Keep going with the barre through about fondu developpés done at about 45°. Unless you have access to a studio, then there's a problem logistically with doing class material around the house. Too much broken furniture usually results. :) Still, be very, very careful that you aren't practicing technical errors. Simplify, simplify. Work for mastery of the "easy" stuff.

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If we have a 2-week long break (as I do in December and March), should I take one week to relax and not really do anything and then the second week to start getting back to dancing? Or just the last few days? :)

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Thanks, but I think that confused me even more! :D I don't know if I should be resting the whole time or doing pilates or barre work as it mentioned in that thread.

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