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Ok, Hi Guys!

We're in the throes of rehearsal..

The first few cities I'll be trying to take adult beginner ballet in...

Chattanooga, TN (we're doing our tech there)

Houston, Denver, LA and Tuscon. :-)


Oh, anyone interested- the show is Dr. Dolittle. :yes:



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I believe the Pantages in Hollywood posts local classes for dancers. But be warned, you'll need a car to get anywhere out here. None of the dance studios are anywhere near the theater. The big one most dancer go to when touring is the Dance Arts Academy in the Mid-Wilshire district


Dance Arts Academy


Most people go to Reids class because the time is convenient.


Some will say go to the Edge because it's in Hollywood and has a "name." In my opinion, the Edge has traded on a name it hasn't deserved for far too long. If you want Hip Hop or some strange derrivation of ballet, Edge is fine, but I wouldn't recommend it at all.

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Thanks 2 Left Feet! :devil:

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