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so, I have never been partnered in my entire life! Except once by my director, but it doesn't really count. I have 2 questions............

1) Will that be a big disadvantage if I land in a Pas De Deux part in a professional company- will it be harder for me to get these parts since I have 0 partnering experience?

2) How do you get guys to come to your studio?

Any techniques anyone would like to share? :D

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While it is not necessary to do partnering when you are very young, I would hope that by the time you are 15 or 16 you would at least have experienced some pas de deux classes in SI programs, and, by the time you are ready to audition for a company you should have some further experience. Lack of partnering is not unusual in lots of schools, due to the shortage of male dancers, however, most of the major SI programs have enough males to hold classes, so a few summers will help. After you graduate from high school, unless you are really company ready, you will probably spend a year or two in either a college program or a professional school program, and you will have pas de deux there.

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Guest twinklehooves

At my dance studio we've never had any guys. Then, all of the sudden, we have around 10 or more guys! This happened, because our dance teacher was the stage manager for the summer musicals here in our small town and some of the dancers from our studio that were also in the musical befriended the guys and convinced them that dancing was cool. And they eventually told their friends to come to partnering classes and now we have a very large partnering class. It's pretty sweet.


Try and get involved with another group that performs and see if you can seduce the guys. ;) Jk, but yeah.

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Thanks, I hope "boy luck" turns our way soon- but that's a good idea and hopefully I'll get into a summer intensive with partnering soon!

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My studio doesn't have any guys either, and we really need one to do a few pas de deux's in our recital. I've partnered once this year in the Nutcracker, but otherwise I have no experience.

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Well, we do have guys, but like you said, they're little- Unfortunate for a tall person :yes:! We are thinking of having a day where each dancer brings a guy.......... But I doubt we'll all find one!

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Yeah, I don't know how successful that would be. So I guess my only hope is to go to SIs, unless we have a sudden change in fortune.

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure only a couple people would actually bring guys...............

like you said- summer intensives, summer intensives, summer intensives!!!!!!!!! :)

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No kidding about the boys Rachel! Pittsburgh has partnering for each level though. I saw a funny ballet clip/commercial online that showed a guy and how he brought his friends to ballet but I don't know if it is appropriate... But we do need guys!!

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Guest pinkroses

Definitely audition for some summer intensives that hold partnering classes for your level/age group. I know a lot of people who picked up partnering from various summer programs that were not at their school. But you should be strong enough once you start partnering to do everything without your partner, so focus on that for now.

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I don't have many boys at my ballet school either, but that doesn't stop my teacher from giving me partnering experience. He teaches many of the older girls how to partner by using the few boys at my school or by using himself. Don't worry about the no-boy thing. They are very rare in the ballet world sometimes. :yes:


Goodluck with your situation :) ...<33

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Guest ForeverSewingPointeShoes

At the studio of a friend of mine, they hold partnering class on Saturdays and allow the guys to take class for free that day if they stay for pas de deux. That particular studio has a large open adult class that many company members and freelance guys attend.

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