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please help me find this thread(if it even exists)


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I searched for it and found the late start intensives but couldn't find the early start intensives. I'm trying to find these for a good friend. Her mom just found our she's pregnant and my friend wants to be home when the baby is born (due middle of July) so she was trying to find good early intensives. In the midwest we get out of school quite early, between May 15-June 1 depending upon the district so that won't be a problem.

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I'm not sure we have a thread on this, qtpiedancer. Since most areas of the country keep the students in school until mid June, most programs don't start until at least the third week in June. She would probably need to attend a program that is flexible about the number of weeks, such as CPYB or Universal, where there are 3 week sessions.

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I know that we have discussed early start SIs, though. Maybe not as much as late start ones, so maybe BW will have some insight on this.

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Drum roll....... Go to the FAQ forum in the SI forums. FAQ is alphabetically listed :grinning: scroll through the As to page two and see a thread titled "Early Start Dates". :D

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