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Which one?


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I'm in the process of finding a "Favorite" dancer!

I was wondering, who are your favorite dancers and why?

Seemed like a fun topic!

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Hello Pointeyourfeet,

Depending upon a person's age, one's favorite dancer/s may be very different.


Would you like people to respond with any dancer from any era? Or are you looking for favorite dancers that are currently dancing?


Could they be any dancer from any company, or just 'famous' or 'well-known' dancers?

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Well, it is not a "Must" to have a favourite dancer (I have a lot of dancers I like, some a bit more, some a bit less) I found them when I saw them on stage. They just caught my eye and I'd say that they all have something very special. I cannot say exactly what it is.

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And, we can have favorite dancers in certain roles, and other favorites in other roles :)

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Bumping this topic up, as I think that the original poster might have forgotten it and started a new one. :)

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