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Guest becoming_assoluta

Ok well I've done ballet since I was 4 (I'm 15)

I was en pointe aged 11.

I got an injury when I was 13 in my leg which had nothing to do with dance. I had to quit until August 2005, when I turned 15.

I've been back at ballet 4 months now.

My old ballet school shut down as my teacher retired.

So I joined a new ballet school, my teacher placed me in RAD grade 3.

I'm slightly annoyed because I feel I am too advanced for this. (My standard is around grade 6)

My class are not taking up pointe till mid 2006, where they will al begin pointe. I've had 2 years expireance of pointe work.

I just feel I should be in a higher grade, the work is to easy. The others are only learning pirouettes wheres I can do 4-5 in a row. Same with fouettes.

What should I do? Should I join a different company?



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Jill, since we can't see you, it's really hard to know. Perhaps you just need a bit of time to get back into "ballet shape", after being out so long. Jumping back into pointe work too quickly might not be a good thing. On the other hand, if the school does not have higher levels for you when you are ready for them, I would certainly seek out a different school. All schools are different, and it's not about RAD or any particular method, it's about the quality of the teaching. Find the school that is producing the best dancers! B)

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Guest becoming_assoluta

Ok thanks, I think I'll check out some other schools.. There arent too many where I live though, unlike America!

I know of a school here that used to send pupils to train in Russia but I don't think they do it anymore! What a shame. B)

Also would it be worthwhile checking out private tuition?

I'm hoping to become pro..

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