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I would love to know if there are any other people on this board who are from South Africa or who are maybe former South Africans, or anyone who know South African dancers,etc.

I am eager to find out about ballet competitions, ballet intensives and workshops on the go here in SA, but the internet, as I have discovered doesnt offer much info on these topics.

I would also like to know if the magazine SA Dance is still available, I cant seem to find it any where.

Any info about ballet in SA will be very appreciated! B)

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I hope this is okay to say, mods. :D


I found these websites and articles about South African ballet, but there are probably a lot more.




but actually, this is probably more helpful.




What part of South Africa are you from, may I ask? I visited there a few years ago, and just did all the touristy stuff--Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, the national parks. People might be able to help more if they knew a little more area-wise. :wink:

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Thank-you, Maranetha, for those website links I'll be sure to check them out!

I'm from Gauteng, on the East-rand, about a half hours drive from Jo'burg and a full hour from Pretoria, thanks once again for your help! :P

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I'm new here and I hope to get a lot of information here... I'm from Germany so please don't mind my language...


I'm glad to find someone from South Africa here. As I already told, I'm actually from Germany, but from July (2006) to July (2007) I'll be on exchange in South Africa. I'll probably stay in Johannesburg and I would be very sad if I had to stop taking ballet classes during the whole year. So, do you know anything about ballet schools for medium dancers in Jo'burg? (I'm not that good in dancing, but also not the worst)


Thanks for helping!

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knock, knock - hope the mods do not mind me posting here seeing that I am an adult.


Hi, kayleen. I am also from SA and also from Gauteng but from the West not the East. You can look at this website aswell : http://www.dancedirectory.co.za/


There are all so the South African Ballet Theatre's site : http://www.saballettheatre.co.za/


If you do not mind ordering stuff from overseas you can find your books dancers of today at Amazon : http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-h...&Go.x=14&Go.y=9


Hope this helps


Freddie. :P

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I hope you don't mind I used the link as well :blushing:


Do you have any information of how much ballett classes are in South Africa?

My pocket money will be very limited and I don't know how much my parents will give me for ballet...


Thanks for replying!

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Hi, I am an adult studant so I do not pay the same as the kids, at may one studio for dults it is R25 per class, at my other studio adults and kids pay per term and I pay there R30 per class as I work shifts and can not attend classes the hole term.


Sory I can not help with class prices.


You can go to Dancedirectoryon the right click on search directory, select ballet and in the location, type the area in where ou are going to stay to find studios in that area. Some have email adresses so you can perhaps email them for class prices.


For a list of RAD studios you can go to RAD Studios Select studios & schools directory on the left side and select the area where you are going to stay.


Hope this helps

Freddie :blushing:

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Thank you very much Fred! That helps!!! 25 Rand is not much per class! I guess here in Germany I pay about 50 Rand/class! :blushing:

I'll probably send an email to one of the studios to ask them!


But thank you very much!!! :thumbsup:

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Hi there! I'm from South Africa as well, and is also from the West Rand of Gauteng. I pay about R37.00 per class.


My school offers the DASA syllabus, though. It is a South African dance association that was founded in 1991 by Mrs Mary-Jane Ford.

Dance Academy of South Africa


As a South African dancers and ballettomanes we are at present mourning the death of Prima Ballerina Assoluta Phyllis Bernice Spira, whose dancing career ended in 1988. She passed away on Tuesday 11 March 2008. She was an amazing dancer and inspiration even to those that never saw her dancing on stage.

Phyllis Bernice Spyra (Who's Who SA)


She (Ms Spira) was also the founder of Dance for All - a non-profit organisation that has been teaching dance to historically disadvantaged children and youth in Cape Town, South Africa since 1991.

Dance for All


Hope you found this helpful!

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