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what do you look for in audtions?


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teachers or students can answer this. what do you look for in a dancer at audtions that makes you want to accept them or what are important qualities to have when auditioning? thanks

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qtpie, this is really not an appropriate question for students to answer, since they are auditioning, not being auditioned! :P


Actually this has been discussed at some length here, several times, probably on the SI forum. All I can tell you is what I look for, which I think is probably quite similar to what most auditioners would be looking for.


Physical facility and good proportions

Evidence of good training

Technique and strength appropriate for age



A joy in dancing, someone showing a sense of really loving what they are trying to do and is open to learning and corrections.

Someone willing to do the work as given, even if it is very different in style than they are used to.

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Sorry for this post, it can be closed. My twin sister came on and posted on my name. She isn't very familiar with the site and so I think thats why she didn't look for it before posting. She has her own name and I said something to her about using her own and not MINE!

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