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I know this is a bit late but I thought it would be helpful to hear what dks have done to survive class withdrawls during break times.

Here's what my dks have been up to.


Ds had a play date with another ds.

He's also doodled to ballet dvds especially Born to Be Wild.

He also dressed up in danseur shirts and tunics and doodled.


Dd has started sewing more seriously and made costumes as gifts for friends.

Dd and friends have been dressing up and dancing in thier barn.

DD has surfed costume sites

DD has spent some time catching-up with non-dansing friends.


Netflix has been a lifesaver.

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Your children are so productive.

My DD has spun around the house. Used the refridgerator handle as a barre, but mostly driven me nuts. "I'm bored, no I don't want to do that ..." repeat. She can't wait to get back to school and dance and I can't wait to get her there.

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DD breaks into dance at random moments. Yesterday she came into the living room and while talking to me started dancing "Doll" from Nut.


Oh, and she's been cleaning house like a madwoman. For this reason alone, breaks make ME happy :D

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My now 14 year old dd (her birthday is today) loves having breaks. She has slept (a lot!), watched tv, cleaned her room thoroughly, and gone through all her junk in the basement and bagged it up for Goodwill/Salvation Army. She had her birthday party last Tuesday with a sleepover of two of her friends and then went to a craft store the next day to do a craft project with the addition of another friend. Saw Nutcracker but doesn't do much dancing around the house except for little bits here and there. Oh yeah, and has gone to the mall three times.



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Guest pink tights

**Knock, Knock** Parent of under 13 (and I still take adult class 4 x week...) DD is working with theraband/Dancer's Dozen book, reading The Ballet Companion (both holiday gifts), constantly standing in tendu (or if very excited frappe's), and grand jete's or chaine' tours from room to room. Mom is taking yoga to stay flexible and improve core strength until class starts in mid January--DD begs to tag along and usually wins. DD returns to class next week. DD has also been ice skating, which was in her opinion, a good opportunity to work on port de bras....Happy New Year to all.

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Guest balletandsynchro

My DD took the advice of Major Mel and Ms. Leigh, and didn't dance over the Christmas holiday break (2 weeks). She was quite tired and sore after the lengthy rehearsals for winter performance. What she did do while at home was take a Pilates private class, and a few Bikram (hot) yoga classes, plus doing some abbreviated stretching at home. She told me this morning that she will be ready to start dancing again on Tuesday! :P

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We went back home for Christmas. Since the school shuts down totally here for the two week break and the web site that DD takes her academic courses from also shuts down for the break, she went back to her former studio for some open classes and help with making a video for video auditions. Other than that, she caught up with friends and did the normal teenage thing of going to movies and the mall with them.

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Break??? Did I miss something?? DD has gone to a drop in class at her new school everyday this break. We did get a break on Christmas Eve/Day and no class on New Years Day or Monday. :P

With dd's renewed desire to dance, I allowed her to continue taking class. It has been such a joy to see her so happy and content.

After class she has been relaxing, hanging out with friends, watching movies, reading and shopping.

I would have loved to have had a break before audition season starts but I have enjoyed watching her rediscover her love of dance. It has been a wonderful Holiday!!

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My dd dances around the house using various furniture pieces as barre holds. Slept a lot and I mean, mucho. Has seen many videos mostly rented ballet ones. Visited friends, caught up on schoolwork (mostly math) and adopted a new guinea pig (which was going to become snake food if we didn't) :thumbsup:


Ballet starts tuesday. :rolleyes:

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This has been my son's longest break in over a year. He has a full 2 weeks off. He has been strretching daily and doing his 100 sit-ups rquired by his AD. He had hoped to start rehearsals for Coppelia but he doesn't start until Jan. 8. At least he will return to class tomorrow.


He finished his SI and was able to take open classes for another week after that. We were going to take him to Steps in NYC for classes but his AD in response to the other advanced dancers concerns about 3 weeks off, offered daily classes for 10.00 each for two full weeks preceding Labor Day so he didn't haave a break at all. He was thrilled.

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At the beginning of her break my daughter slept one day until I got home from work at 2. She cried hysterically when I woke her up--she couldn't believe it was so late as she is typically an early riser!


Mostly she has been taking it easy--a bit of yoga, a bit of ballet, hanging with friends.


She goes away to school so I appreciate having my family intact for a bit.

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Like Redstorm's DD - my son danced this break. At least most of it. We allowed him to go to a one-week winter intensive. While I understand the need to rest the body, there's also a need to rejuvenate the spirt. His studio can be a bit, well, critical and following Nutcracker - where nothing he does is ever good enough - we felt it would be good for him to go somewhere where he received positive feedback and got to dance for joy. Plus he got to spend time with other male dancers. He's back, had a wonderful time, is sore but much improved, and more than ready to return to class. His spirit is buoyant (literally) and he is refocused. As his parents, we got a reaffirmation that this is what he really wants to do and it's all worth the pain, $$$, and yes, even the hassle.

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My dd dances around the house using various furniture pieces as barre holds. Slept a lot and I mean, mucho. Has seen many videos mostly rented ballet ones. Visited friends, caught up on schoolwork (mostly math) and adopted a new guinea pig (which was going to become snake food if we didn't) :speechless:


Ballet starts tuesday. :thumbsup:




What rented ballet videos does your dancer like? My daughter would love to get her hand on some of these. Would really appreciate recommendations from all of you.


Thanks. :D

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Well DD, after a few years and overdoing it, she enjoys short breaks. She slept in more than I have ever seen. Got a Bass Guitar for Christmas and has spent lots of time trying to figure it out. Is actually doing pretty good on her own (don't know when she thinks she will have time for lessons). Younger dd has practiced her flute and piano both have spent time IM their school friends.

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