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We are currently in the middle of the six week summer break in Australia. Unfortunately we don't have summer intensives or many workshops that last beyond one week. I have dd booked in for a one week program next week run by Ausdance, with teachers brought in from around the country. Dd will do a classical, jazz and contemporary class each day. She is currently completing a two week drama and music workshop based on the female roles in Shakespeare, which she has enjoyed immensely.


Other than that she has just been hanging out and has been testing her choreographic skills putting together some fun jazz pieces. I have been impressed that I haven't heard "I'm bored" coming out of her mouth once (touch wood!).


My only concern about such a long break with not much on offer, is that it seems to take her about six weeks to really switch on and be focussed at the same level as when ending the previous year (this was feedback from teachers after the summer break last year and I'm sure it was associated with having such a long break as it not the case after taking shorter breaks during the year). I've noticed it for the past two years, as she was moving into the intermediate level, not just with herself but also with the other girls (although my dd does have some issues with keeping focus). They all seem a bit floppy and uncoordinated and don't seem to follow instructions as well and it seems to take a bit of work for them to get back.

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