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what is the min chest size that needs a bra?


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i am asking this because i have grown in that area a bit over the past month or two and i've just noticed. i went from barely an A to barely a B. My uniform leotard for my school is wear moi and it has no built in bra so i was wondering if it is really a neccisity for me to go out and buy one or if i'm still okay. I understand that you might not be able to tell for sure without seeing me and i hope this is an okay topic to discuss, didn't mean to make anyone uncomfortable.



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It depends on what shows on the contour of the leotard. If there's a nipple apparent, then a bra is advisable.

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well, ive never had a problem with that. the top of the leotard is velvet. i was more worried about bouncing and how that looks as well as the potential damage it could cause

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OK, that's fine. The first sign that a bra is necessary is when you notice bounce. If you notice a pulled feeling starting at about the collarbones, then it's a definite sign the bra is needed.

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