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cant get lessons! help!


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I have tried to find a dance school which offers more lessons than my current one.

At the moment I only have 2 or3 hours of ballet and 3/4 hr tap and 3/4 jazz a week on offer.

But everywhere I look there doesn't seem to be more classes, what should I do?


A visiting American ballet teacher said that there seems to be less generally in the UK and that it's better to go to a pre-pro boarding or college at 16. Two problems with this:.

1) Don't have enough money to pay fees.

2) I want to do A Levels, so that if I have an injury there is something to fall back on.

Any advice on getting extra lessons?


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Where is it written that you can only attend one school? And your visiting teacher is right. From what I see on this board, teachers are taking the RAD minimum recommendation far too seriously, and only offering two syllabus classes a week and NO free classes. It's easier than really having to teach, after all.

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Same problem here! I hear everyone saying oh I take Xhours of class a week. The school I go to offers the most for my level with 5 classes a week I can't find anywhere else to go and I can't afford to go to multiple schools thing start to get really pricey (as if its not already) Plus I can't get the transportation alone, my parents work. Nowhere has classes on Sundays or Saturdays. The only thing would be to go to a proper pre pro school and I think the only one is the Neumeier school where you have to be overly overly good and everyone comes from all over the country to get in for so no one really has a chance. I'm going to try to arrange private auditions in Canada this summer but....ugh all these hours things drive me crazy. I spend most of my time after school dancing at home but that wouldn't really count on a paper because it's not a lesson right...

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Janine, how old are you? Five classes a week, if they are all high quality hour and a half or more classes, would not be bad unless there are no pointe classes. How are your classes structured and how long are they? Have students from your school gone on to professional schools and/or careers in ballet? Have you TRIED for the Neumeier School? Do not accept anything on rumor or hearsay. There is no way to know if you are qualified without trying.

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I am fourteen years old with my birthday in july. My classes are completely on pointe with the exeption of one wich does half flat half pointe. 4 of the classes are an hour long one is one and a half hours long. I have ony started taking ballet seriously for the last half a year before I was doing 2-3 classes a week but did more hiphop and jazz so didn't really think much of the neumeier school. I don't know of many people because I am still fairly new, but I know that one person went to mannheim because they visited, and another went to england to a choreography place there are classes professionals at our school but they are much older...otherwise I am a slight bit clueless =/ Lots of they younger children go to neumeier

I am in a few groups with students older than me. The classes are challenging. We do barre, stretching, then jumps and turns e.t.c

I don't think I am doing long enough classes or enough so I do alot at home as I mentioned above.

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The main problem is the one hour classes. They are not sufficient to include all that is needed.

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